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"60 hours a week guarding some run-down tower and I don't even gets paid vacation? Howsabout we take this out back an discuss it?"
— Weenie.

Weenie is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Weenie is a sausage with legs wearing a fedora. Smoked Weenie looks almost the same, however he is brown and is smoking a cigar.


Weenie walks around. When hit, he will roll into a ball, damaging anything that gets in its path until hitting a wall.

After his ball form, he will be stunned, allowing for the player to grab him. If he isn't defeated after getting stunned, after getting up he will stand in place for a bit before going back to walking. He also does this when first encountering him or when the player makes the ground shake.


There are two variants of this enemy, the regular red one and the more dangerous smoked one.

The Smoked Weenie smokes a cigar that can hurt the player when touching it. This makes jumping on it or attacking from behind a better option than attacking from the front.


  • Smoked Weenies originally were the same color as normal Weenies. This was possibly changed to differentiate the two some more, and in the files of Demo 0, the smoked weenie is red.
  • He had full stun animations, which, like all other enemies that had it, now go unused.
  • Weenie used to be called "Mr. Sausageman", as seen by its filename, which could be a reference to the composer Mr. Sauceman.
  • Weenie's design is based on Peter, the main character from an unfinished game that Pizza Tower Guy worked on before working on Pizza Tower known as Weenie Cop.
  • Weenie is also Pizza Tower Guy's 5$ Patreon tier.
  • During early design phases for the City level, it was planned that the Police Car enemy would only be summoned if the player defeated Weenie civilians that would appear throughout the level. As a civilian, Weenie would stay standing in place. However, later on this was changed so that defeating any enemy in the level would spawn the Police Car and the Weenies were removed due to them not being needed anymore.
  • Though Weenie did make an appearance in several earlier builds of the game, he hasn't been added to any of the current levels. Despite this, Pizza Tower Guy has claimed that this enemy won't be scrapped, however it is unknown when or where he will be added.



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Smoked Weenie[]

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