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U.F.Olive (short for Unidentified Flying Olive) is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


U.F.Olive is a green olive with beady eyes and very thin arms and legs that rides in a purple U.F.O.


U.F.Olive flies around and drops harmful olive-like atoms down from his U.F.O that hurt the player on contact. If the player does a body slam attack, they will hover towards the ceiling of the room they are in.

U.F.Olive has one of the most unique behaviors under high Heat Meter levels, as when defeated, the olive will jump out of its crashing U.F.O. to brandish a ray gun, walk around and fire at the player. The regular U.F.Olive takes two weak attacks to defeat, but the special grounded U.F.Olive that appears under these conditions is more fragile and takes only one weak attack to defeat.


  • Before the final design was chosen, Pizza Tower Guy made various prototype designs (as seen below) for this enemy. The first looked like a Cheeseslime in a robot suit, the second looks very similar to the final enemy, but smaller and with bigger eyes and the red spot of the olive being the mouth instead of a spot on the top of its head, and the third looked like a frog wearing a small helmet.
    • The frog design seems to a reference to the "It is Wednesday, my dudes." frog, as various images of said frog were on screen in Pizza Tower Guy's Twitch streams shortly before and after the design was sprited.
  • The U.F.Olive used to have a different behavior. Instead of hurting the player, the projectiles would instead teleport the player to a random warp point in the room, signified with an olive on top of a toothpick. It is unknown why this was changed.


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