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Tribe Cheese, also known as Indian Cheese, is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Tribe Cheese is a big Cheeseslime-like creature holding a pizza slicer with tomatoes on its cheeks and an oregano leaf on its head.


Tribe Cheese works similarly to Forknight, albeit with a few differences, as the pizza cutter it holds acts the same as Forknight's fork. The first main difference is that Tribe Cheese moves more quickly, roughly twice as fast as Forknight does. The second main difference is that if there are any Tribe Cheese-themed totem poles around, the Tribe Cheese will dance around it, often jumping from one side of the pole to the other, causing thunderclouds to appear nearby, also Tribe Cheese-themed, that strike thunder periodically.

Tribe Cheese has an average durability, and takes two weak attacks to be defeated. At high levels of heat on the Heat Meter, Tribe Cheese stops briefly in shock when it spots the player, then throws an axe that travels in an arc. While this shock animation plays, the pizza cutter's hitbox is disabled, much like it would be if Tribe Cheese was scared.


  • According to the Pizza Tower Design Document, these enemies were originally intended to be able to throw their pizza slicer like a boomerang when the player neared them.
  • In earlier Patreon builds, when Tribe Cheese was right in front of the player, it would briefly display the shocked look that is now used during high Heat Meter levels, before jumping over the player's head and landing on the other side.
    • In later builds, Tribe Cheese was instead able to jump over any wall that is 3 tiles high or lower.


Regular animations[]

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