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Treasure Chest Guy is an "enemy" in Pizza Tower.


Treasure Chest Guy is a naked human being who hides inside a wooden treasure chest, with his eyes peeking out of a hole in the front. The treasure chest has a bandage on the upper half, and has metal lined around where it opens. The human can somehow stick his arms and legs out of the chest, but it is unknown how he does this, as there are no holes visible on the chest other than the eye hole.


When the player isn't near, Treasure Chest Guy stands still in an idle animation. But when the player is nearby, the human sticks his legs out of the chest and starts frantically running away. Oddly, Treasure Chest Guy can run right past the player instead of being stunned upon bumping into them, and despite his sprite size he can enter 1 tile high gaps. When he hits a wall he will always try to jump over it, but he can only jump walls that are 2 tiles high or lower.

Treasure Chest Guy is defeated after one weak attack. When the player defeats Treasure Chest Guy, the human pops out of the chest, followed by three pizza slices (25 points each).


  • His name is a reference to the Treasure Tech protagonist Chesterfield, also known as "Treasure Guy".


Regular animations[]

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