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Trash Pan is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Trash Pan is a sentient trash can filled with cheese inside, with two drips of it being visible from the outside. It has eyes with very angry-looking eyebrows on its lid.


Trash Pan stands in place. When jumped on, it will pop off its lid, launching the player upwards, allowing the player to then use the lid to slide down slopes or traverse across water.


  • Originally, these enemies didn't attack in any way and the only way to defeat them was to push them off a ledge or into water, which instantly defeated them.
  • Originally, they would stand in place and spit cheese, however that function was moved for its own level asset.
  • The cheese coming out of the Trash Pan enemy used to be sauce, but was changed to cheese due to its behavior changing.
  • In some of the demos, purple versions with no eyes (referred to as "invtrash" in the game files) exist and those versions cannot be defeated. These are used for areas where the Cheeseball transformation is necessary to proceed.
  • The purple Trash Pan actually has stunned and defeat sprites in some early versions of the patreon 2019 demos with eyes that go unused.


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