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Transformations are special abilities and moves given to the player in Pizza Tower.

They can be caused by interactions with enemies and objects in a level.


First appearance: Entrance

(Gained from: Getting kicked by a Pepperoni Goblin or pressing down while on a slope or staircase)

Peppino or The Noise will roll like a ball, smashing everything in their way. While in this form, they can't do anything except jump, only gaining back control after contacting a wall. This transformation is the only transformation useable by The Vigilante.

Ball Peppino[]

Ball Noise[]

Ball Vigilante[]


First appearance: Pizzascape

(Gained from: Grabbing a sword or getting hit by a Pizzard's projectile)

Peppino, The Noise or Snick wear knight armor and are super heavy, causing enemies to be crushed when jumping on them. When touching a slope or a staircase, they will slide down it at high speeds, defeating any enemies and breaking any blocks (other than transformation-specific blocks) in the way. Hitting a wall after sliding down a slope or staircase will get rid of the transformation. Hitting Outlets also gets rid of the transformation.

In earlier builds, Knight Peppino didn't go flying at high speeds when touching a stair. Also, by pressing the grab key, Peppino would actually swing his sword in front of him, as a means of destroying blocks.

Knight Peppino[]

Knight Noise[]

Robot Snick[]


First appearance: The Ancient Cheese

(Gained from: Picking up a bomb tossed by a Pizza Box Goblin)

Peppino, The Noise or Snick will hold a bomb and start uncontrollably running around until the bomb explodes, which ends the transformation. In this form, the only actions that can be done are jumping, turning around and throwing the bomb forward, which ends the transformation until you pick it up again. This transformation is one of the only ways to break Bomb Blocks.

Bomb Peppino[]

Bomb Noise[]

Bomb Snick[]


First appearance: Bloodsauce Dungeon

(Gained from: Touching a pool of boiling sauce, The Cheese Dragon's fireballs, or a burning haystack)

Peppino, The Noise, or Snick will jump high up in the air and yell as his butt (Peppino), cape (Noise), or fur (Snick) burns until he hits ground.

Firebutt Peppino[]

Firecape Noise[]

Firefur Snick[]


First appearance: Oregano Desert

(Gained from: Eating one of a Kentucky Kenny's spicy chicken wings)

Peppino or The Noise will spout fire out of his mouth, running around uncontrollably. In this state, they can explode TNT Blocks by running into them, burn haybales and defeat enemies. It works very similarly to the Bomb transformation. The transformation can only end by reaching a free milk stand.

Firemouth Peppino[]

Firemouth Noise[]


First appearance: The Wasteyard

(Gained from: Getting hit by one of a Ranch Shooter's bullets)

Peppino or The Noise becomes a ghost and can fly by jumping repeatedly and go through Cheese Graters while also being invincible. In this form, he can also dash forwards to move quickly, and possess enemies to get through certain areas within the level. however this cannot hurt enemies nor break blocks. Enemies also don't attack while he is in this state. Touching a tombstone will end the transformation.

Ghost Peppino[]

Ghost Noise[]


First appearance: The Wasteyard

(Gained from: Interacting with a gun crate)

The first of two to be considered as more of a powerup rather than a transformation. Peppino equips a single-barrel shotgun, while the Noise handles a minigun - both weapons replacing their regular weapons, the pistol and the Noise Bombs respectively. This gives them the ability to destroy Target Blocks. Touching a metal detector takes away their new weapon, ending the state.

Shotgun Peppino[]

Minigun Noise[]


First appearance: Fun Farm

(Gained from: Picking up Mort)

The second of two to be considered as more of a powerup rather than a transformation. Mort the Chicken perches on top of Peppino or the Noise's head. With Mort on their head, the player can have them smack his head in front of him, and use him to gain extra height and slower descent by pressing the jump button in the air. This transformation is also the only way to break Mort Cubes.

Mort Peppino[]

Mort Noise[]


First appearance: Pineapple Beach

(Gained from: Dashing into a barrel)

Peppino or The Noise gets stuck in (or outside) a barrel and rolls around in it quickly. This can defeat enemies and break blocks. Hitting a wall while rolling in the barrel will cause the barrel to break, which ends the transformation. However, if there is a slope next to the wall, the barrel won't break and will instead change directions. The barrel itself can be grabbed and tossed around to different locations before using the transformation. This transformation is the only way to break Barrel Blocks.

Barrel Peppino[]

Barrel Noise[]


First appearance: Space level

(Gained from: Grabbing towards a rocket)

Peppino gets himself stuck to a rocket and is stuck rocketing forwards until he crashes into a wall, after which the rocket explodes and Peppino tumbles down. In this form, he can break Super Metal Blocks and can slightly redirect the rocket up or down by pressing the respective buttons. When The Noise obtains this transformation, he eats the rocket and becomes the rocket himself instead of getting pushed forwards by the rocket.

Rocket Peppino[]

Rocket Noise[]


First appearance: City

(Gained from: Getting stuck in one of a Trash Pan's cheeseballs)

Peppino gets stuck in a cheeseball and will roll forwards until hitting a wall, which ends the transformation. In this form, their jumps are much smaller than normal. This transformation is the only way to break Cheeseball Blocks.

Cheeseball Peppino[]

Cheeseball Noise[]


First appearance: Factory level

(Gained from: Getting crushed by a Box Stamper)

Peppino gets trapped in a pizza box. In this state, he is able to go through small gaps at a faster speed than crawling, however he has no way to attack. Getting hurt, touching water, or getting grabbed by a Grabbie Hand ends the transformation. When The Noise obtains this transformation, he simply just shrinks in size instead of getting trapped in a pizza box.

Boxed Peppino[]

Tiny Noise[]

Sticky Cheese[]

First appearance: Factory level

(Gained from: Touching a Cheese Peppino Robot's sticky cheese or getting cheesed by a cheese chute)

Peppino gets covered in sticky cheese with pepperoni covering his eyes and green peppers covering his eyebrows and mustache. In this form, he is able to stick to walls and ceilings and scale them, along with squeezing through tight gaps and walking through outlets without taking damage. Touching dangerous water ends the transformation. When The Noise obtains this transformation, the cheese covering him makes him look like a rat instead of a cheese monster.

Sticky Cheese Peppino[]

Cheese Rat Noise[]


First appearance: Mansion level

(Gained from: Entering a clown tent)

Peppino turns into a clown stuck in a clown car and is forced to drive forward without stop, running into any enemies along the way. While in the clown car, he can jump and climb up walls, as well as crouch down to fit through tight spaces. When bumping into the wall, there is a rebound that pushes the clown car back. When The Noise obtains this transformation, he turns into a different type of clown and rides a scooter instead of a clown car.

Clown Peppino[]

Clown Noise[]

Weenie Mount[]

First appearance: Dragon Lair

(Gained from: Mounting a weenie mount left behind by a defeated Camembert Squire)

Peppino or The Noise mounts a giant sausage and is allowed to traverse across dangerous terrain while moving non-stop at high speeds, plowing through any enemies in the way. In this state, he can't get hurt. However, if he hits a wall he'll be knocked off the sausage, ending the transformation. This transformation is currently unused due to the removal of Dragon Lair.

Peppino on Weenie Mount[]

The Noise on Weenie Mount[]

Scrapped Transformations[]

All transformations, besides Hungry, can be seen in the "ending" room of Demo 1. PTG had listed the uses and mechanics for most of the transformations shown below during a conversation in the Pizza Tower Discord, on November 2nd, 2018. The descriptions shown here are his own words, however, additional information has been added for extra context.

  • Meteor Peppino: "Sends you flying in a direction. If you hit a diagonal wall, you bounce off. Otherwise you just stop on a wall. Can destroy metal blocks."
    • Activating it would have depended on an unused enemy named "Muscle Pizza" that would punch the player into this state.
  • Animatronic Peppino: "Makes you a sluggish and play music that can put some enemies to sleep. Hit spikes to come back. Spike does their usual job."
    • The plan for the transformation had been revised later on to act more as a hindrance rather than an actual transformation, only slowing Peppino down.
  • Caffeinated Peppino: "Makes you go really fast without being able to charge until you are hit and drop your coffee. Used to get through falling platforms that requires high speed instantly."
    • An unused enemy known as "Cool Kid" would've activated the transformation by throwing energy drinks at the player.
  • Spinny Peppino: "Makes you spin, go real high then float back down spinning. Stun you for a second when landing."
  • Superhero Peppino: "Makes you fly anywhere and destroy metal blocks when running into them at high speed. Spikes."
  • Hungry Peppino: "Makes you follow [an aroma] like a cartoon character, doesnt stop until you reach the food."
  • Shy Peppino: "Makes you unable to charge, slow. Spikes."
    • Would have been activated when in contact with the unused Pizza Lady enemy.
  • Muscle Peppino: "Makes you able to destroy everything."

It seems that the other three transformations were scrapped earlier on, as there had been no mention of them during that conversation.


  • Many of these are based on transformations in the Wario Land series, which is fitting for a spiritual successor.
    • The Knight transformation is based on Fat Wario.
    • The Bomb transformation is based on Flaming Wario. Earlytestbuild even has its music play when activated.
    • The Firebutt transformation is similar to Electric Wario from Wario Land 3. It's unknown if this was on purpose or just mere coincidence.
    • The Ghost transformation is based on Bat Wario from Wario Land 4, or Vampire Wario's bat form from Wario Land 3.
    • The Barrel transformation was initially based on Snowman Wario, but as stated below, the final version is now very different.
    • The Cheeseball transformation is based on Frozen Wario.
    • Peppino's Boxxed transformation is visually similar to Flat Wario, but is closer to Tiny Wario from Wario Land II in terms of function.
      • The Noise under this transformation looks to be conceptually identical with its Wario Land counterpart.
    • The Sticky Cheese transformation is based on Zombie Wario.
    • Weirdly enough, the Ball transformation is not based on any transformation, but rather Wario's Roll move from Wario Land 4.
      • To add to this, Peppino's super jump functions similarly to both Flat Wario and Spring Wario, for aiming the jump and launching into the air respectively.
  • Originally, many transformations had different functionalities:
    • The Knight transformation originally was able to walk on slopes normally.
    • The bomb wasn't able to be thrown during the Bomb transformation.
    • The Firebutt transformation originally had an animation that played after landing.
    • The Firemouth transformation originally could destroy only TNT blocks and the transformation lasted only nearly 10 seconds, after which getting milk animation was played automatically.
      • Due to that, free milk cows didn't exist originally.
      • Later on, the transformation could originally shoot fireballs, which were needed to destroy TNT blocks and light up haybales instead of just running into them.
    • The Mort transformation's slower descent originally wasn't controllable and was forced. Also Mort could be knocked off by getting hit or reaching corn.
    • The Barrel transformation was completely reworked, as Peppino was originally able to jump into the barrel instead of dashing into it to walk around in the barrel, which would allow him to be able to walk underwater safely, and Peppino would only start rolling in the barrel if he slipped on a banana peel. He was also able to hide in the barrel when crouching, which made him immune to getting hurt.
    • The Sticky Cheese transformation could only scale vertical conveyor belts and end by touching an outlet.
  • The Barrel transformation was the first transformation made for the game, originally being made during the development of Preearlytestbuild.
  • The Rocket transformation was originally planned to be a Jetpack transformation before it was sprited.
  • The Clown transformation used to be a Skateboard transformation, but this was scrapped.