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"Toppins are uhhhhh..."
— Toppinbot.

Toppins are topping-like creatures in Pizza Tower.


Toppins are small pizza topping-shaped creatures. Each of them have unique designs. There are five different kinds of Toppins, each being based off a different pizza topping. Those being Mushroom Toppins, Cheese Toppins, Tomato Toppins, Sausage Toppins, and Pineapple Toppins. Toppins of the same kind can also combine to create Toppin Warriors, which are much stronger than normal Toppins and are an important factor in boss fights.


The player has to save them from Pizza Boxes. Upon saving a Toppin, the player is given 1000 points. The Toppins will also follow behind them in a line after being saved. Toppins are counted as a collectible, and appear under a stage's score when selecting a stage. Missing Toppins are black, while collected toppins can be fully seen. The Toppins wear scuba masks when underwater.


  • The Sausage, Tomato and Pineapple Toppins are based on enemies' designs - Peasanto, Smoked Weenie and Pineacool.
  • In earlier drafts of the redesign, Cheese had legs, Sausage had a hat, and Pineapple had a mouth.
  • The Sausage Toppin was originally red in early demos, but was changed to be brown because people thought it looked like ketchup or something else (it also may be to contrast itself from the tomato toppin, which is already red).
  • In older demos, Toppins could be fed to Pillar John. After feeding it enough Toppins, he will let you pass through. Pillar John now activates Pizza Time upon defeat instead, and as such, the purpose of the Toppins was changed as well.
  • Back in some builds, the pause screen showed what Toppins were collected, and which ones needed to be saved. They also weren't trapped in Pizza Boxes, but instead found around the level on their own. The Pizza Boxes instead held complete pizzas.
  • The Toppins originally had a panicking animation that they used to use in older demos for getting fed to Pillar John or running away after the player gets hit while the Toppins are following them.
  • In Peppino's Xmas Break, the Toppins have exclusive sprites made by wazzuper25. Each Toppin is Christmas-themed, with the Mushroom Toppin being replaced with a Tree, the Cheese Toppin being replaced by a Gift, the Tomato Toppin being replaced by a Snowball, the Sausage Toppin being replaced by Ham, and the Pineapple Toppin being replaced by a Candy Cane.
    • For unknown reason, Snowball's Toppin's being collected animation does not exist in game. Instead, their running animation is used instead.
  • The internal filename for them is "pizzakin". Referencing their prototype name.



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