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The Toppin Monsters are a group of enemies in Pizza Tower.


The Toppin Monsters are a group of topping-themed animatronic creatures that lurk through the Kids' Party level, all of which are based on a different type of Toppin.

The Mushroom Toppin Monster is a lanky robotic-looking animatronic that is entirely brown and only wears a pair of gloves. Its eyes do not have any pupils.

The Cheese Toppin Monster looks somewhat like a demented Cheeseslime, with its eyes being much smaller than its eyeholes and its mouth always appearing wide open. It also has 2 orange arms that it crawls around with.

The Tomato Toppin Monster is a small puppet-like animatronic with a pink body, a clown-like nose, and red cheeks. It wears a red outfit with a green collar, buttons, and shoes, as well as a pair of gloves.

The Sausage Toppin Monster is an animatronic made to look like a butcher, with its outfit looking like that of one, with a blue apron and a white shirt and pants underneath, as well as a pair of brown shoes and blue gloves. Its head is a sausage with bloodsauce spewing out of it and its arms are a similar red color to that of the bloodsauce.

The Pineapple Toppin Monster at first just looks like the regular Pineapple Toppin, but every once in a while, it puts a big grin on its face and turns into an orange-skinned disco dancer-themed animatronic that wears a white disco outfit, wears shades, and has green hair.


At first, none of the Toppin Monsters appear in the Kids' Party level, but once a Toppin is collected, the Toppin Monster based on the respective Toppin spawns in.

Every type of Toppin Monster behaves differently:

The Mushroom Toppin Monster eerily walks around before chasing the player when spotting them. It can also attack the player from afar by summoning a hand that homes in on the player.

The Cheese Toppin Monster acts similarly to the Mushroom Monster but it moves slower and can sometimes be seen sticking to ceilings.

The Tomato Toppin Monster drops down from the roof near the player and stands still in an attempt to catch the player off guard.

The Sausage Toppin Monster rampantly runs around while holding a cleaver without stop whether or not the player is near.

The Pineapple Toppin Monster is an illusionist and uses illusions of fake monsters to confuse the player. What exactly these illusions are isn't very clear, as most of them currently don't function properly in-game.

If the player gets hit by any of the Toppin Monsters, Peshino, who follows the player around in the level, will lose a life. After Peshino loses 3 lives, it will be destroyed, leaving the player with no protection. It is currently unknown what happens if the player gets hit after Peshino is destroyed, but in the April2021build the player is sent back to the start meaning that they will have to start the navigation over again. After shaving a life off the player or when being spawned, the Toppin Monsters will start at the first floor.


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  • The Pineapple Toppin Monster may be based on Flabber from Big Bad Beetleborgs, a character Pizza Tower Guy had used as a profile picture on Discord for some time.
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