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Thing of the Week (formerly Thing of the Month, Thing of the Whatever and Thing of the Day) is a series of videos made by Pizza Tower Guy for the Discord server, also posted to his Youtube and Twitter pages. The videos show his progress on making the game, with brief text blurbs to explain things. Usually a new level or power-up is demonstrated.

Videos (YouTube)[]

Thing of the Week 1: Entrance Glance

Thing of the Week 2: Dragon Lair WIP and quip

Thing of the Week 3: Dragon Gauntlet playthrough

Thing of the Week 4: PTG is so embarrassed by his dumb idea that he reuploaded the video.

Thing of the Week 5: Where placeholders are buried

Thing of the Week 5 and 6??: Invisible Mort

Thing of the Week 7: The obligatory forest maze and gnome pizza delivery level

Thing of the Week 8: Soul soil

Thing of the Week 9: No harm in making a farm

Thing of the Week 10: UFO, pinball... whats the difference

Thing of the ??? 11: Tiny little beach showcase


  • Thing of the Week 4 was deleted and reuploaded. It showed the newly reworked Desert level, but had another part cut out showing a new mechanic idea called the Heat Meter, inspired by God Hand, where enemies would become more difficult to defeat as the player's score gets higher. PTG would scrap this feature shortly after receiving feedback on the original upload and decided that the idea would make the game too complicated, but stated on Twitter that it could come back as a specific level gimmick.
    • The section of the video showing concept sketches of the idea that was taken out of the reuploaded version can be found here.
    • The new version (the one that removed the concept idea) replaces the section showing the concept with a black screen with the words "No dumb idea here!" with Ball Peppino slowly rolling across the screen to Drax - Happy Happy Christmas, which is a song often used in memes related to spinning.