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The Wasteyard is the seventh level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Cosmic West.

The level starts out in an open graveyard, then transitions into an underground setting and finally an abandoned shack with multiple ghostly figures.




  • Ghost
  • Ball
  • Firemouth



In the second room, being right above the entrance to the room.

In the fourth room, right next to Priest.

Located in the first room of second section of the level, being right on the floor.

In the first room of third section of the level, located on the platform that can easily be jumped on.

In the second room of the third section of the level, being on one of platforms.

Gerome is located in the first room of second section of the level, in bottom right corner. The player needs to get through Breakable Blocks to get to him.


In the third room, right near the entrance. The player needs to run up the right room and then grab through Breakable Block near the ceiling to get to the secret.

In the third room of the section section of the level. The player needs to firstly break through ceiling right next to right wall, and then run into the left wall at Mach 3 to get to the secret.

Located during Pizza Time near entrance of 4th room of the first section. There is bunch of John Blocks on the celing. The player needs to super jump into them to get to the secret.


  • A very unfinished version of this level was playable in the "graveyard test" build, but it was too buggy so the download was removed. The Finished Version Is Shown Here.
  • A few rooms show the Buzzsaw Cutter in the background, one of the other weapons Peppino has used during the development of the game. Its inclusion in the graveyard may be a reference to his currently unused or scrapped state.
  • One of the figures in the third background is wearing a slipper that resembles Snick.