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The Ancient Cheese is the third level in Pizza Tower, and the third level of the Tower Realm.

It's an ancient ruin featuring within a cheese-made land with remnants of some sort of civilization left behind.






In the second room, being right on the floor next to Pepperoni Goblin.

Located in the fifth room, the player needs to roll through Breakable Blocks to get to it.

Located in the first room of second section of the level, being right on the floor.

In the third room of third section of the level, located on the platform with ladder next to it.

In the room right after Pillar John room, being right on the floor.

Gerome is located in the hidden room, accessible from third room, entrance to which is in upper left corner of the room behind Breakable Blocks. The door to the treasure IconTreasure.png is located in the third room of the second section. The player needs to super jump in the place right before where ceiling goes downward a bit.


In the second room, in upper left corner. The player needs to run into the wall at Mach 3 to break Metal Block.

In the second room of the second section of the level. The player needs to throw a bomb at Stupid Rat to get to it.

Located in the Pillar John room, the player needs to roll through Breakable Blocks to get to it.


  • In the SAGE 2019 Demo, The Ancient Cheese's first rooms use a beta version of "Theatrical Shenanigans", which existed as early as the Earlytestbuild, along with the "Funiculi Funicula". This was presumably a mistake, as the updated version used later was posted onto Mr. Sauceman's SoundCloud and YouTube channel not far from the demo's release.
  • This level is most likely a play on the fact that cheese is a very ancient food, dating back to roughly 1615 BCE.
  • It's the only playable level from the SAGE demo to not get its own holiday-themed level.


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