Pizza Tower Wiki

A Teleporter Pizza is one of the many different kinds of level assets in Pizza Tower.


Teleporter Pizzas are beige-crusted pizzas with a green lined portal inside with spinning purple streaks.

Teleporter Machines are faded blue metal pizza boxes with two antennas and an outlet sticking out of it.


When the player touches a Teleporter Pizza, they will be teleported to its corresponding Teleporter Machine somewhere within the room. Teleporter Machines cannot be reentered.

A Taxi is one of the many different kinds of level assets in Pizza Tower.


Taxis are regular yellow taxis with a large white flashing sign reading "TAXI" in black.

Stop Signs are regular white stop signs with red borders and red text reading "STOP". It is held by a faded blue holed metal support.


When the player presses up while in front of a Taxi, they will be driven to its corresponding Stop Sign somewhere within the level. Stop Signs cannot be used to retrieve a Taxi.



  • In older demos, Taxis worked identically to Teleporter Pizzas, driving the player on touch to a corresponding Stop Sign in the room. When the Teleporter Pizza was created, all Taxis in previous levels were replaced with Teleporter Pizzas most likely because they're faster as they do not play any sort of animation. This change lead to Taxis mostly being used to transport the player to somewhere outside the room they're in or to a specific point in a level that must be gone through multiple times.