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Swedish Monkey is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Swedish Monkey is a brown-furred peach-skinned monkey with a brown moustache, a light blue belt with a yellow buckle, and a small light blue Viking helmet with horns. His hands and feet are rather large, and he is often seen holding a yellow peeled banana.


Swedish Monkey walks back and forth, turning at ledges and walls. He will occasionally stop to eat a banana, throwing the remains on the ground in the form of a Banana Peel. Coming into any contact whatsoever with a Banana Peel will cause the player to slip and fall, getting stunned for a bit before getting back up. There is no limit to how many Banana Peels a Swedish Monkey can place, and they can place them no matter where the player is in the room, but each Banana Peel will explode in a harmless puff of smoke if left alone for long enough. The Banana Peels can either be removed by a body slam to the ground near them or by being slipped on, the latter of which can often also defeat the Swedish Monkey that placed them. Defeating a Swedish Monkey will also cause all banana peels thrown by it to disappear.

Swedish Monkeys have above-average durability, taking three weak attacks to defeat. Under high Heat Meter levels, Swedish Monkey will instead throw Banana Peels with grimacing faces on them, which will hurt the player upon contact instead of making them slip.


  • The concept of Swedish Monkey was inspired by a kind of Swedish pizza with bananas as a topping.
  • The Swedish Monkey's defeat sprite is a reference to Donkey Kong's hurt animation from the Donkey Kong Country series of games.
  • Swedish Monkey may be a reference to Youtuber and streamer Vinesauce Joel, with the helmet being a reference to VargFren, a caricature of Joel.


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