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Space Pinball is the ninth level in Pizza Tower, and the fourth level of the Weird West.

It takes a sudden shift in setting into a space-themed pinball level rather then a western level like the previous three levels.




  • Ball
  • Knight
  • Firemouth
  • Mort
  • Ghost



Pizza Tower Pinball[]

The starting room of the level. There is some Pizza Blocks to destroy, some toppings to collect, a few platforms and 2 pizzards.

All Roads Lead to Chrome[]

UFO Inside a UFO[]

Thinking with Teleporters[]

This room introduces the Teleporters, which are close to a teleporter location, the player need to use these to break metal blocks that block the path.

Teleportation Frustration[]

The Goblinbots are introduced. This room includes teleporters that the player needs to jump over immediately, and if the player has Mach 3, they can break some secret metal blocks in the left part of the room to un-cover the Alien Pinball Machine room.

Big Dumb Leap[]

This room has a timed gate and some tomato blocks that bounce the player off, they should be Mach 3 or Mach 4 to Leap over the pit with teleporters.

Outer World Technology[]

Rocketeer Knight[]

The Pit[]

Cowboy Warehouse[]

Chicken from Outerspace[]

Mort makes an appearance in the room, and the player has to use him to nagivate the different parts. The first bit requires the player to avoid the teleporters since they bring the player back to the start. In the next bit, the player has to use them to make it to the top. In the final bit, the player must activate a timed gate and make the player's way through the U.F.Olive filled path.

Galactic Pinball[]

Starcrust Speedway[]

Laser Hallway[]

Secret Rooms + Treasure[]

Hello... and Goodbye[]

This secret can be accessed with Peppino or The Noise on UFO Inside a UFO only if they are on Knight Form, so the room explains that the player enters the room blasting off in the knight form, killing 8 bandito chickens and getting out of the room.

Alien Pinball Machine[]

Teleportation Tax Evasion[]

Secured Pizza[]

Instead of this secret holding toppings, complete pizzas, giant pizzas or enemies, this one features a Toppin Box with the Tomato toppin inside, but to get it the player should hurry up and press the switches to allow passage.

Just Stop Rolling[]

This one secret features a Goblinbot that kicks the player into the Ball form and then the player collects toppings and complete pizzas all together, but at the last teleporter at the top of the room the player should jump to hit the side springs that make the player go to the other side.

Little UFO Helper[]

This secret has two teleporters on the bottom left corner, which can be used to teleport the player to the top of the room to help the player collect the Complete Pizzas.

Another Placeholder for You[]

It's a treasure room. The Peanut Butter treasure is used as a placeholder.


  • The level was once themed around a UFO, but the mechanics gave Pizza Tower Guy the idea of a pinball machine, similar to Pinball Zone from Wario Land 4.
  • The room "Starcrust Speedway" is a nod to "Stardust Speedway", a zone that appeared in Sonic CD and Sonic Mania.
  • The room "All Roads Lead to Chrome" is a reference to the medieval proverb "all roads lead to Rome".
  • The room "Chicken from Outer Space" is a reference to the pilot episode of the cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • The room "Rocketeer Knight" is a reference to the video game Rocket Knight Adventures.
  • The room "Thinking with Teleporters" is a reference to Portal's recurring catchphrase "Thinking with Portals".
  • "Cowboy Warehouse" was once known as "Alen Warehouse".


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