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Shrimp Thug is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Shrimp Thug is a shrimp with arms that wears gloves. His whiskers are shaped in a way that makes it look like a mustache. He also has large eyebrows and usually visible teeth. He is usually seen with an angry expression.


When spotting the player, Shrimp Thug will dash towards them and attempt to punch them. The punch has a wide hitbox, and can even break some blocks, so it's good to steer clear or jump over it when this attack is used. If the player is too far away, it will also charge forwards in an attempt to reach them.

Under high Heat Meter levels, the Shrimp Thug will start throwing knives instead of punching. Shrimp Thug is among the most durable enemies in the game against weak attacks, taking five hits from weak attacks to be defeated. However, sometimes weak attacks are able to hit Shrimp Thug multiple times in quick succession, making him seem more fragile than he is. While any weak attack can do this, it is most easily seen with the belly slide, and is likely due to a glitch.


There are two other variants of this enemy, a blue one and a green one:

The blue Shrimp Thugs throw knives from afar instead of punching. This also became the Heat Meter attack for the normal Shrimp Thug. The green Shrimp Thug, instead of knives, throws junk in a small arc, which flattens the player. The junk isn't able to be picked up.


  • Shrimp Thug was inspired by classic beat 'em up games, mostly from Streets of Rage.
  • The green Shrimp Thug seems to be based on another enemy from PTG's earlier game, Weenie Cop. In it, there was a burger enemy that also threw junk in an arc.
  • The blue and green Shrimp Thugs were scrapped at one point in development, however they have since returned.
  • The palette for the green and blue Shrimp Thugs were found in the game files of the April 2021 Build, confirming they were palette swaps before their return in development.


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