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Ranch Shooter is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Ranch Shooter is a ranch bottle with arms wearing a cowboy hat and a belt with a gun holster where he keeps his gun. He also wears white gloves. Also, a blue spout can quickly be seen under his hat when he's shooting.


Ranch Shooter stands in place. When Peppino gets near him, he will shoot him with his gun, causing Peppimo to take damage.

Ranch Shooter has average durability, taking two weak attacks to be defeated.


  • Before the sprites for the bullets he shoots were made, his bullets were red-orange ovals as a placeholder.
  • He was able to move in the Graveyard Test build, however he had no walking animation and would slide around.
  • Ranch Shooter used to turn the player into the ghost transformation, but this role was taken by the mushroom ghost.


Regular animations[]

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