Pizza Tower Wiki

Preearlytestbuild is the first Pizza Tower build ever created.

While the build has never been publicly released, footage of the build was posted to Pizza Tower Guy's Twitter and Tumblr.

Some of the levels are still in the files for the earlytestbuild but for most of them, the camera is broken.

Levels Playable[]


A basic tutorial level featuring a bonus room with 3 complete pizzas.


A harder version of Level1, except that it's made harder via the camera being locked.

Note: The reason as of why the camera is locked is because the camera was dynamic at some point but that feature got scrapped.


A basic test room featuring a door that crashes the game.


For more information, see the page here: Unused_water_level

It also has the same problem with Level1H where the camera locks in place at a certain point in the level.


A room that tests Pizza Time which also has The Noise activate it. It also has a door that leads to a game crash. However, the door itself is unreachable unless it is moved it down or some blocks are placed below it through modding to access it.


Likely meant to be some kind of cave level. There are crushers that hurt the player, and there are boulders which fall down platforms and can take the player with them. This level has the camera issue.


This level is mostly combat and stealth focused. There are invincible monsters that walk around hallways where the player has to hide to get past them, there are small monsters that run around, ogres that block the path forward, and a scary monster at the end who chases down the player. This level has the camera issue.


A simple test room meant for testing 3 objects: A ball that can be bounced on to gain some height, a spring that gives the player a lot of height, and a run-on ball which can be used to roll over dangerous surfaces. This level has the camera issue but everything it has can be seen on the first screen.


This level is meant to be rather fast paced. It is very linear. Pillar John is at the start, and the Toppins must be collected by going through the level. This level had a time limit early on, but it has been removed. There is a door that leads to a fight against Pepperman, where he has to be bumped off the arena. There's also a door that leads to Area2.


This level features the Trash Pans from the sewer level, but with sauce in instead of cheese. They stand in one place and have to be bumped into water to defeat them. The Flying Anchovies are seen here too, and have to be bounced off of to get to other places. However, they only stand in one place and don't attack. Pillar John is at the start here too, and it did have a time limit early on. There is a transition near the end of the level that is broken, and the player has to walk off in a very precise manner to get to the next room.


This one is just simple platforming. It's left unfinished in terms of level design.


This one is a big tower. There are multiple platforming challenges whilst going up, and even a key, but nothing at the top. The level also isn't fit for the game's final screen size, so it's likely the reason why everything appears stretched.