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The Pizzard is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizzards are humanoid wizards that wear yellow pizza-themed robes with pepperoni-inspired red dots all over, with a beige crust at the bottom of their matching pizza slice-looking wizard hats. Their two eyes are seen peeping out their outfits, with the rest of their faces masqueraded by darkness. Their hands wear white gloves and the little bit of arm that can be seen reveals his skin to be peach-coloured.

Pizzards are said to study "pizzamancy," a magic art that revolves around pizza. They are only apprentices, however, testing out their magic on multiple things to see if it works correctly. While this power can be seen in the ??? Comics, their in-game abilities do not reflect anything pizza-related.

A Pizzard known as Dougie Jones is seen in the ??? Comics serving for The Noise. He has no special traits compared to other Pizzards though The Noise uses him primarily for help.


"The pizzard circle studies pizzamancy. Those apprentice wizards will try out their magic on anything. You could try getting caught by their magic bolt on purpose to become an invincible knight!"
— The manual.

Pizzard roams back and forth on the ground, turning at ledges and walls. When in horizontal sight to the player, he will stop and shoot a magical lightning bolt (unless he is scared by a player dashing at Mach 3 or higher) that transforms the player into their Knight form on hit, which can act as a tool for progression or a hinderance forcing the player to slide across a set of Stairs.

Like most other enemies which cause transformations, Pizzard has average durability and will be defeated after two weak attacks.


  • In Noise's Hardoween, Pizzards' outfits' colours are inverted.
  • In older demos, Pizzard's stunned animation was reused for his scared animation.


Regular animations[]


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