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Pizzaface is the final boss and main antagonist of Pizza Tower.


Pizzaface is a giant floating cheesy pizza with two red pepperoni eyes, a beige mushroom nose, and a mouth, mustache, and eyebrows made out of green peppers.


  • Pizzaface currently only appears when time runs out during Pizza Time or boss levels. When spawned, he will continuously chase the player, becoming faster the longer he chases and not interacting with any of his surroundings, until coming into contact, resulting in the player receiving a "TIME'S UP" and having to restart from the most recent Checkpoint in the level.
  • If the player is protected by Toppin Warriors in Dragon Lair, one of them will take the hit whenever Pizzaface passes by, restarting the Pizza Time timer but killing them in the process. Once the player is left with no Toppin Warriors, they become just as vulnerable to Pizzaface as in normal levels.

Boss Behavior[]

  • TBA


  • Pizzaface seems to be based on Pizza Tower Guy's Pizzasona.
  • Pizzaface's evil laugh was voiced by PR ND on YouTube.
  • It's been theorized that Pizzaface was a simple creation from Peppino that was rejected for not being "good enough for the customers". However, it hasn't been confirmed in the game's lore.
  • Pizzaface makes an appearance as a weapon the player can use in the DooM Peppino mod, likely acting similar to how the BFG 9000 works.
  • Pizzaface is most likely inspired by the Ghost in Spelunky, which is summoned when the timer in the level runs out or a ghost pot is smashed.
  • It has been confirmed that Pizzaboy and Pizzaface are the same entity, however the cause for this transformation is unknown.
  • As of the April 2021 Build, Pizzaface only appears in the Dragon Lair level and does not chase the player during Pizza Time anywhere else.
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