Pizza Tower Wiki

Pizza Tower Versus is a currently Patreon only battle game created by Sertif and PinPanPaint based on Pizza Tower.

Unlike the level editor, it doesn't build off of a Patreon build and is instead its own separate game.

It is currently on hold, as Pinpan and Sertif are busy working on other things.


Pizza Tower Versus is a competitive online multiplayer game. It involves two teams of players fighting each other using revolvers and shotguns. Each player has a set amount of 100 HP when they spawn and start with a revolver with 32 pieces of ammo. Throughout maps, there are various boxes of ammo to refill ammo if players are running low. There are also shotguns that spawn on the maps that have more range compared to revolvers, shooting three bullets at once instead of one. Shotguns have their own ammo that are in bigger red boxes that appear throughout the maps, however these boxes are usually rarer than the boxes of ammo for the revolver. The goal of each match is to get 15 points before the other team does by defeating other players, as doing so will reward teams points.

There is also a Capture the Flag mode where the goal is instead to take the other team's flag and bring it all the way back to the player's team's side. Getting defeated will cause the player to lose any flags that they are currently holding, and teams can only score if the enemy team doesn't have their flag.


Most basic moves are in the game, but are changed to be more balanced for a competitive multiplayer game.

Suplex Dash[]

Acts similarly to a grab in the original game, but it doesn't actually work as a grab and is instead a mobility tool. It is activated by double pressing any direction instead of having its own button.


Acts like Peppino's dash, except the player can't jump while in Mach 1 and there's no Mach 3 or 4. Doing a suplex dash will cancel any mach. Wall runs are also no longer infinite and now only go a short distance before stopping.


Shoots with the current gun the player is holding.

Change Gun[]

Swaps the gun being used. Will only work if the player has a shotgun.


Every character is functionally the same, but their appearances are all different.

Image Name Overview

The main character. Has custom sprites for the suplex dash.

The Noise Currently not in-game because of a lack of sprites.

The Vigilante

Has a custom shotgun shoot animation.
Paintlad A guest character coming from Paintvale, a 2D Rayman inspired game made by PinPanPaint. Has the smallest crouching sprites.

Besides these characters, there are also many other characters planned for the game, like Snick, Pepperman, Mort, and Fake Peppino.


Name Level based on Description
rm_enterance Entrance A basic map. Has 2 "rooms" with shotgun ammo and many ammo for both revolvers and shotguns in the middle. Has pedestals with flags on them and shotgun ammo behind them. Spawn locations are at the bottom.
rm_dungeon Bloodsauce Dungeon A map based on height with many platforms. In the middle there is the only shotgun ammo, and 2 shotguns. Spawn locations are at the top.
rm_wierdwest Oregano Desert A map with many hallways and small platforms. Has little "challenges" to get shotgun ammo, even though there are currently no shotguns. Has only 3 slopes and the spawn locations have been mixed up, with one at the bottom and one at the top. Currently not in-game.