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Pizza Tower is an upcoming 2D platformer developed by Tour de Pizza. It is a spiritual successor to the Wario Land series of games featuring action-packed gameplay, a unique over-exaggerated low-resolution art style akin to Ren and Stimpy, and a just-as-unique 16-bit soundtrack.


The plot to Pizza Tower is currently unfinished as the game's still in development.

Pizza Tower mainly follows Peppino, an overweight Italian chef with a failing business as he goes through several different gauntlets to pay the debt to his landlord, Mr. Stick. Along the way, several foes attempt to foil his plans, including a mischievous being known as The Noise which hates all things pizza.


The game mainly has the player navigating large levels, collecting items and beating enemies as Peppino. At the end of every level, a countdown is started and the player must race back to the beginning before time runs out. Peppino's moveset includes a continuous dash, a super jump and an enemy grab. Along with these moves, Peppino has the ability to transform from interactions with special enemies and parts of the environment.


Before the idea of Pizza Tower came to be, lead designer "McPig" (known as "Pizza Tower Guy" until 2021) had thought of making a horror comic series about a deranged chef fighting pizza demons in his own restaurant.[1] This idea didn't get past sketches, though the concept and main character were eventually reused for a 2D horror-themed RPG possibly titled "Pizza Massacre,"[2] which slowly but surely provided the base for Pizza Tower.[3]

On March 14, 2018, McPig made a post on his Tumblr page discussing a game concept he's been working on titled "The Leaning Tower of Pizza," giving the first glimpse of Pizza Tower to the world.[4] The game was described as a mix between the puzzle solving of Wario Land 2 and the rush mechanic of Wario Land 4 with aiding, but at the same time hindering transformations. Alongside this description was a series of concept art showing several different mechanics and designs. Due to this new project, Pizza Tower Guy decided to halt his progress on his first game, Wieners Don't Use Drugs, of which was the main focus of his Tumblr page before this point.

Later that day, McPig posted the first look at Pizza Tower's gameplay in a very early state,[5] commencing what's known as the Preearlytestbuild. He would continue to send more gameplay footage, sprites, and answer questions on his Tumblr page, with his last post regarding Pizza Tower being posted on January 13, 2019.[6] Before then, on June 17, 2018, he had created the official Pizza Tower Discord.[7]

Pizza Tower's first public demo, the Halloween Demo, was posted on October 31, 2018[8] along with a Hard Mode at 5:22 PM of the same day. In these early builds, there were no set composers, so they used a commissioned song from Dim Widdy[9] in the form of "Funiculi Funicula", the current game's Tutorial theme, as well as unrelated video game rips.

Some time around November, 2018,[10] Mr. Sauceman sent McPig the first version of "It's Pizza Time!". McPig immediately loved it, hiring Mr. Sauceman as a full-on composer for Pizza Tower.[11] Mr. Sauceman's music would first be heard in-game on December 5, 2018, when the second public demo, Demo 2, released.[12] Some time after, Frostix was hired as a second composer after posting several promising remixes in the Discord.

At an unknown time, an earlier build from prior to the Halloween Demo dating back to September 16, 2018 was also released publicly in the form of the Earlytestbuild.

On December 13, 2018, McPig had created the Pizza Tower Patreon.[13] This is where most future builds were posted, only being given to Patreon supporters who pay $5 or more monthly. These builds would include new levels and mechanics for the supporters to test out and critique.

On January 12, 2019, the January Patreon Build was posted, introducing early versions of Oregano Desert, Sewer, and Factory. On March 7, 2019, the March Patreon Build was posted, allowing supporters to play as The Noise in an early version of Freezer. On April 1, 2019, GOLF was released publicly, jokingly showcasing an early version of Greaseball in a custom level. On May 25, 2019, the Hub Room Test Build was posted for Patrons only, adding an outdoor section to Mansion.

On September 29, 2019, the SAGE 2019 Demo was released publicly for the Sonic Amateur Games Expo of that year. It brought many new players in, boosting Pizza Tower's popularity greatly. This was followed by another public demo in the form of Noise's Hardoween on October 30, 2019, which starred The Noise as the only playable character in an earlier version of Pizzascare.

On December 13, 2019, the December Patreon Build was posted, introducing an early version of Entrance. This was followed by the final public demo, Peppino's Xmas Break on December 30, 2019, which had Peppino venturing through an earlier version of Strongcold. On January 8, 9, and 10, 2020, three Patreon builds focusing on The Noise's new moveset were posted. On February 2, 2020, two Patreon builds were posted showcasing an earlier version of Dragon Lair.

On February 7, 2020, the first Level Editor Build was posted with the aid of a Patron named Sertif. This was followed on February 24, 2020 by a build showcasing an updated Oregano Desert, which itself was followed by a quickly removed build showcasing The Wasteyard. The Level Editor Build 2.0 was then posted at an unknown time after.

On April 25, 27, and 30, 2020, three builds were posted focusing on the levels of the Weird West and the addition of The Vigilante as a playable character. The Level Editor Build 3.0 was then posted on May 13, 2020.

On July 7 and 11, 2020, two builds were posted revealing Pineapple Beach and Gnome Forest, marking Sertif as official co-programmer of the game. This is followed by the Level Editor Build 4.3 on August 30, 2020.

On April 3rd, 2021, a new build was released that contains every planned level in the game, but in an early state with most missing tilesets and/or backgrounds and many assets using placeholder sprites. This build was announced a month earlier. This is the most recent released build.

McPig and Sertif are continuously working on the game as Tour de Pizza, the former showing his progress through Twitch streams.


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Pizza Tower has a soundtrack created by many composers, with a large number of songs composed by Frostix and Mr. Sauceman.