Pizza Tower Wiki

Pizza Time is an essential feature to the gameplay of Pizza Tower.

It is activated once the player rams into or attacks Pillar John.


Pizza Time is normally the main requirement to opening a level's Exit Door and completing the level. Once Pillar John has been slain, the level immediately turns into a mad chase back to the beginning. A timer, varying for the level, will start ticking down, indicating that the player must escape as fast as possible. John Blocks will also switch states. (i.e. if one is off, it turns on, and vice versa for the ones that are on) During Pizza Time, the player's points are slowly drained, with 5 points being drained for every second wasted, giving the player even more of a reason to try to get to the exit sooner to try to get a good rank.

When time runs out, Pizzaface appears and starts to chase the player, similarly to what happens when time runs out in boss levels. As time goes on, Pizzaface will start to speed up, with his speed gradually increasing with no cap the more time is wasted. If he touches the player, they instantly get a Time Over. As there are no Toppin Warriors outside of boss levels, there is no way to get saved from getting a time over if Pizzaface gets the player in a normal level.

Activation Methods[]

In Earlytestbuild and Golf.[]

Collecting a Tower Secret Treasure will activate Pizza Time in some builds of the game. Now Tower Secret Treasures are Musthave collectibles for S-Ranking.

In Demo 1[]

Beating Pepperman will make The Noise appear and he will activate Pizza Time.

In Demo 2[]

Destroying the Noise Satellite will also make The Noise appear once again to activate Pizza Time.

May 2019 Patreon Build[]

There will be a fake Toppin Box with a Noise Bomb inside. Once the player collects it, Pizza Time will activate.

Sage 2019 Demo - Current Builds[]

To activate Pizza Time you must destroy Pillar John. This is the current Pizza Time activation method.


  • The Pizza Time mechanics are an intentional parallel to the escape sections of Wario Land 4 and Shake It.
  • In the GOLF demo up until after Peppino's Xmas Break, the background would start to melt and flash red, with the effect getting worse and worse as the timer went lower and lower.
  • In the GOLF demo and Patreon builds based on it, the background would change to a much more creepy and demonic version.
  • Originally, When the time ran out, the player's points would start to drain more quickly, with the points being drained being able to be seen visibly, and their face sprite and idle/walk/jump states would turn into the 1 HP animations from older demos, where pizza slices were used as health pickups. The result when the points were drained varies from demo to demo. In the December/November patron builds, both players would be able to escape with no game overs or punishment for finishing with 0 points except for a D rank. In the January patron build(s), when the players points are drained, a game over screen plays, and sends them back to the menu. This was later changed possibly due to being too similar to the point draining mechanics in the Wario Land series escape sequences.