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Pizza Soldier is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Soldier is a pizza slice with brown arms and legs, sporting brown boots, white gloves, and a green helmet with a band holding a leaf on it. He has a cigar in his mouth, a small pizza cutter, and a green, pipe-shaped rifle. When disguised, Pizza Soldier looks like a bush, except his eyes are still visible and there is a helmet and two sticks poking out.


Pizza Soldier hides in a bush disguise until Peppino gets close enough to him and isn't obscured by a wall. From there onward, he walks back and forth on the ground, stopping to fire a three-round volley from his rifle if Peppino is in his line of sight.

During high Heat Meter levels, he can also use his pizza cutter like a knife to hurt Peppino if he is very close to him. Despite their looks, Pizza Soldiers are actually quite fragile, and will go down from only one weak attack.


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