Pizza Tower Wiki

The Pizza Portal is a level asset in Pizza Tower that appears in certain demos.


Pizza Portals are giant floating pizzas.


Pizza Portals become active only while Pizza Time. If the player runs into it when it's active. It'll take them back to where the secret treasure was, i.e. beginning another lap.


  • This could be a replacement for the Lap 2 mechanic in earlytestbuild, where by heading back to the treasure room will award the player with 200 points, and also count to an S rank.
  • The object doesn't appear in demos after certain Patreon builds, and is possibly not going to come back.
  • In the SAGE 2019 Demo, if the camera is moved down in the hub, a giant Pizza Portal can be seen right under where the drop to the Tutorial is.
  • Surprise enemies, debuting in Fun Farm, are dropped out of small Pizza Portals that disappear shortly after the enemy lands.
  • This asset was replaced with Gerome.