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Pizza Points are the main collectibles in Pizza Tower, acting as the score gauge for the game.


When playing as Peppino, their look is of regular pizza and related foodstuffs. However, when playing as The Noise, they are replaced with candy and pizzas with desserts on them instead, and playing as Snick turns them into onion rings. In the Peppino's Xmas Break demo, they are changed to Christmas-themed treats and cookies.

When playing as The Vigilante, getting points also restores his health, with Pizza Toppings restoring 1 HP. Pizza Slices restoring 5 HP, Complete Pizzas restoring 10 HP, and Giant Pizzas restoring HP back to full.


They control the rank the player receive at the end of the level.

There are a few types of these collectibles:

  • Pizza Toppings = 10 points
  • Big Pizza Toppings = 100 points

Grabbing these collectibles aren't the only way to get points, however. There are also many other ways including:

  • Defeating enemies. In older demos, the points gained would go from 10 to 20, then 40, and finally resting at 80 when killing an enemy and having a combo. In the Eggplant demo, the points gained would increase by 5 for each enemy killed.
  • Finishing a combo. The bigger the combo is when it is finished, the more points that are gained from it.
  • Removing transformation from Priest gives 500 points once.
  • Collecting a series of Flush cards of the same type in a room (gives points for each; Pizza cards give 50 points, Pizzaface cards give 100 points and Bad Rat cards give 150 points.
  • Throwing Greaseball into Hoop or jumping into it with Ball transformation, which gives 50 points.
  • Saving a Toppin, which gives 1000 points.

It's also possible to lose points. When playing as Peppino, The Noise, or The Vigilante, they lose 50 points when getting hurt, as well as a bit of their Heat Meter and combo timer. Snick and The Vigilante have a few twists when getting hit: Snick loses all of his points instead of just 50, and if he doesn't have any points left when hit, he dies, and The Vigilante's health goes down by 25, dying when it reaches 0.

During Pizza Time, the point system is also utilized to incentivize the player to hurry up. Regardless of the character chosen, the player will lose 5 points for every second spent during Pizza Time until the level ends. When the timer runs out during Pizza Time, Peppino will lose 5 points every frame instead, resulting in about 300 points lost each second before getting to the exit More collectables also appear during Pizza Time that give 10 points each, however instead of pizza toppings, these points look like clocks and bells.

Throughout the game, points are stored in a piggy bank known as "Pigge".

Heat Meter[]

Heat Meter increases the amount of points the player receives for each Pizza Topping they get:

  • Pizza Toppings can increase up to 20 points
  • Big Pizza Toppings can increase up to 200 points

The Heat Meter also increases the amount of points the player loses when hit by an enemy or hazard, going up to 200 points.


  • An in-character reason as to why the Noise collects candy and desserts is because he canonically hates pizza.
    • One of The Noise's collectibles is a reference to the infamous gumball-eyed Sonic popsicle often sold at ice cream trucks, except with Snick instead of Sonic.
  • Tower Secret Treasure originally would give 2000 points for grabbing it.
  • Pizza Slices were originally used as health pickups back when the player was meant to have a health bar. They also spun in one place, floating, instead of spinning and moving around on the floor.
    • This idea later came full circle with The Vigilante's health system, since picking up Pizza Slices, as well as any other kind of Pizza Points, heals him.
    • Another health pickup planned for the game were plates of spaghetti and meatballs, which were cut due to not fitting the game's pizza-based themes.
  • Complete Pizzas originally came from Pizza Boxes instead of Toppins.
  • Getting hurt used to cost 100 points instead of 50, while getting a Tower Secret Treasure used to give the player 1000 points instead of 2000.
  • In City level there is 20 exclusive Bacon toppings in one single room.
  • There used to be two extra collectible types: the Complete Pizza and Big Pizza, giving 100 and 1000 points respectively.


Pizza Toppings[]

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Big Pizza Toppings[]

Big Pizza Toppings (Escape sequence)[]

Complete Pizza (Xmas Break)[]

Complete Pizza & Pizza Slices (Snick)[]

Giant Pizza (Snick)[]

Scrapped animations[]

Old Pizza Toppings[]

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Pizza Slices[]

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Complete Pizza[]

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