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Pizza Boy is an "enemy" in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Boy is a cardboard cutout of a cartoonish humanoid pizza with yellow cheese and a blue bowtie. He's drawn with a pair of black friendly eyes with thin eyebrows, a big red stretched nose, and a large red-cheeked smile. His limbs are beige, matching his crust, and his hands wear white cartoony gloves to match his white cartoony shoes he has on his feet. Due to his cardboard nature, he is the only enemy unable to produce any screams on defeat.

The character drawn onto this cardboard cutout is known simply as Totino the Pizza Boy. He was supposedly featured in a 1996 game titled Pizza Boy Tower, acting as the main protagonist on a quest to defeat Chef Raider, who would go on to become Peppino. His nose would be swappable with pepperonis, mushrooms, and peppers for different abilities.


Pizza Boy does not do anything. He doesn't move, attack, or damage the player, essentially acting like a punching bag for the player's attacks. He simply gets pushed around on contact, and becomes instantly defeated when thrown after a grab, thrown at another enemy, or hit at Mach 2 or higher, as well as if he comes into contact with most transformations. Due to this, he does not give any Pizza Points on defeat, a trait only shared by enemies spawned by an Enemy Spawner. He also doesn't add to your combo meter

Certain Pizza Boys are revealed to be Ninja Slices when the player gets too close, body slams the ground, or defeats them prematurely.


Regular animations[]


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