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Pizza Box Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Box Goblin is a relatively short green pointy-eared goblin with a large nose and red-pupiled eyes wearing a red pizza box with a white interior. His legs and arms stick through his box through holes, and he is often seen holding a purple bomb.

Little to nothing is known about the Pizza Box Goblin aside from the fact that he hides bombs in pizza boxes. This may be due to some hatred, as shown with his usual grumpy demeanor.

Pirate Pizza Box Goblins wielding powerful cannons are found in the form of the Cannon Pizza Goblin.


"Urban legends tells of goblins that would hide in a pizza box and put bombs inside of them."
— The manual.

Pizza Box Goblin walks back and forth on the ground, turning at ledges and walls. When spotting the player, he will stop and throw a bomb on the ground in front of him (unless he is scared by a player dashing at Mach 3) that explodes after a certain time if left untouched, exploding immediately if the player is midair, which temporarily stuns them. If manually grabbed from the ground, however, the player will enter their Bomb form, which can either act as a hinderance or method of progression in the form of Bomb Blocks.

Like most other enemies which cause transformations, Pizza Box Goblin has average durability and will be defeated after two weak attacks.


  • In the Earlytestbuild, Pizza Box Goblin had a full array of stun animations, which were late changed in the Halloween Demo just to be recycled in the SAGE 2019 Demo.
  • In earlier demos, Pizza Box Goblin's bombs weren't affected by gravity, instead traveling in a straight line akin to the modern-day Cannon Pizza Goblin. Bombs affected by gravity were only seen with The Noise as he threw them out of windows.
  • In his intended introductory room in The Ancient Cheese, the room name refers to him as the "Bomb Goblin".


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