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Piraneapple is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Piraneapple is a large pineapple with a razor-sharp jaw, large eyes with big pupils, and a tail fin-like stem growing out its back.


Piraneapple viciously chomps forward indefinitely without turning unless it hits a wall. It can only be defeated by a well-timed parry, a thrown enemy, or certain transformations.

When the player lands in still water, a Piraneapple will pop out, attempting to bite the player and causing them to leap upward. This is mostly cosmetic as a proper Piraneapple isn't spawned whenever the player contacts water.


  • Despite being one of the earliest enemies made, seen as far back as the unused water level in the Preearlytestbuild, they didn't make a proper demo appearance until Demo 1.
  • Piraneapples have had two different behaviours during development before settling on its current behaviour.
    • In the Preearlytestbuild, Piraneapple swam back and forth slowly using their calm animation. If one were to somehow trigger its angry form, it would chomp forwards with the ability to swim anywhere within water.
    • In every demo up until BeachandForestv1, Piraneapples had a calm state where it would stay in place until the player got close after which it would start chasing them and was also able to fly wherever it wanted and go through walls whilst chasing them.


Regular animations[]

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