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Pickle is an enemy in Pizza Tower based on the Roper enemy from Memoirs of Magic.


Pickle looks very similar to the Roper enemy from Memoirs of Magic but it looks more like a dill pickle compared to the enemy's original design and has a much more cartoony design, with its eye being white with a black pupil instead of yellow with a red pupil and it having only one pair of arms that are retractable and are less tentacle-like and more human-like.


Pickle teleports towards the player and wiggles its arms with electric effects surrounding it when spotting them, damaging the player if they are hit by it, forcing them to move away to avoid it. When the Heat Meter is at a high enough level, Pickle will duplicate itself whenever it teleports.

Pickle has an above-average amount of health, and will be defeated after three weak attacks.


  • Like with the situation with Mort, Pizza Tower Guy personally asked the creator of Memoirs of Magic if he could borrow an enemy from the game and they agreed.
  • The reason why the enemy looks like a pickle is because of a joke involving the fact that the original enemy looked like a pickle. Thus the design differences and the naming.
  • Pickle's Heat attack references Roper's original attack method before being patched.


Regular animations[]


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