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Pepperman is the first boss in Pizza Tower.


Pepperman is a giant red pepper with limbs wearing a pair of white gloves and sneakers of the same color. Pepperman has big, blue eyes and is frequently seen sporting a great, confident grin on his face showing his teeth.

During fights in older demos, he would change colors to orange, and then to light yellow depending on how many times he was been hit.

Boss Fight[]

Demo 1[]

Pepperman will be waiting for Peppino atop of the tower's third floor. Once there, Pepperman will be preparing for the fight stomping the ground with his feet, until he starts attacking Peppino.

Pepperman's only attack is to charge towards Peppino. The player can stun him by charging into Pepperman or avoiding his attack by jumping over him, and then waiting until he stops after which he is vulnerable to be attacked. He can also be shortly stunned from stomping on him.

He changes color after getting hit a certain amount of times. If he gets hit four times, he turns orange, after another hit three hits, he turns yellow, yellow-white after an additional two and one more hit after will defeat him.

Currently planned[]

Pepperman's battle is planned to be similar to the Demo 1 fight, except having more attacks, such as ground pounding Peppino, having more phases, and happening in an arena, instead of the tower's top.

Boss Behavior[]

Pepperman's bossfight primarily has him attacking the player directly, allowing almost every attack to be parried. He spends a lot of time standing still, in thought, leaving him open for attack. Pepperman has much more health than the player, and defeat by knockout is unlikely.


First appeared in Halloween Demo 2018 (Demo 1), where he was a boss.

He also appears to work in the Mansion if modded into the SAGE 2019 Demo where instead of battling the player directly, he chases them down in a chase segment. On the way, there are many pepper blocks that only he could break by charging into them. Once reaching the end of the chase segment, he slips on a banana peel that is placed at the end of the corridor, causing him to drop the key.

In the comics[]

Pepperman appears in The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier comics.

In The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier, he wears a cowboy hat and is first seen attacking a western town. He first goes to the Sheriff's building and finds The Vigilante there, who quickly surrenders after Pepperman asks if he was the sheriff. Afterwards, he robs the town's bank alongside a Pepperoni Goblin and a bandit Cheeseslime and ties up the banker and The Vigilante. However, soon after, right before he sets up camp there, he hears an explosion and is then attacked by The Vigilante, who had escaped. His fate is currently unknown, as the set of comics hasn't been completed yet.


  • Pepperman's main attack seems to be inspired by Wario's Shoulder Bash, his signature move throughout the Wario Land series, which was the main inspiration for Pizza Tower's gameplay.
  • In comic #4.5 of The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier, Pepperman is shown with green pupils, despite the fact that his eyes have always appeared blue. It has been suggested that his eyes turn green when he's scared, but that isn't the case in his in-game animations despite looking terrified when stunned, so it's most likely that this was just a cohesion error.
  • In older versions of Mansion, Pepperman had a boss fight placed in the middle of the level. This was removed once Mansion had a complete do-over layout-wise.
  • Pepperman's boss fight originally was supposed to reuse animations from Demo 1, but to make consistency between the sprites, was scrapped.
  • Pepperman was made a playable character before becoming a boss for the second time, but the playable part was scrapped due to PTG thinking it was weird to have half the playable cast be "restricted" characters.
  • Pepperman's playable debut was originally going to be within Freezer, though this was scrapped.
  • Pepperman is a hypocritical, contratian artist, as confirmed by PTG.
  • It has been said that Pepperman's full name is Phil Pepperman, with him also being referred to as an apple.
  • PTG stated that Pepperman would sound similar to Comic Book Guy, from The Simpsons.
  • PTG has shared a concrete idea for a Pepperman spinoff game, titled American Pepperman. The gameplay would've centered around Pepperman travelling through the different states of America to spread his artistic influence, with enemies based off American iconography trying to stop him. PTG's referred to the gameplay style as a mix of Viewtiful Joe and Warioware, taking place in single screen challenges that move on to the next one when you beat it under a strict time limit, with the intensity and difficulty of each screen continually ramping up.





Scrapped animations[]