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Pencer is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pencer is a yellow-orange pepper with thin arms and legs wearing a white ruff and shiny grey conquistador helmet, with his brown stem sticking right out of it. Under his yellow-orange-pupiled eyes are a black cut mustache and goatee surrounding his often nervously bitten mouth. He is often seen wielding a white rapier.

Pencer is an actor so into his role that he'll legitimately attack the player on sight. When defeated, Pencer carries a rose often seen at funerals for dramatic effect.


"This conquistador looking character is actually an actor. He is so much in character that he will charge at you on sight."
— The manual.

Pencer stands in place, jabbing his rapier at the air. When the player enters his line of sight, he will begin charging forward (unless the player is dashing at him at Mach 3 or higher), not stopping at any ledge or turning around to chase the player, only turning at walls, while swinging his rapier at his front, which damages the player on contact. He will continue to run around for as long as the player is in the room. Pencer will become defeated when hit at Mach 2 or higher, thrown after a grab, thrown another enemy, or hit by most transformations.

Pencer has an above average durability and will be defeated after three weak attacks. Under high Heat Meter levels, he will ready himself faster and charge much faster, returning to his regular running speed after his charge attack ends.


  • Pencer originally would've acted like a Forknight, though he'd always face the player.