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Peasanto is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Peasanto is a tomato creature wearing a green sleeveless tunic with a brown belt. He has a large nose and a buck tooth.


Peasanto walks left to right, but upon getting too close or being jumped on, he will get enraged and start charging forward while holding a torch, and bouncing off walls once bumping into them. Peasanto cannot be scared, and the torch cannot be parried either.

In this state, when he comes in contact with the player, they will be set into the Firebutt transformation. Any haybale he comes in contact with will be set on fire, also allowing the player to use the Firebutt transformation.

Peasanto has an above-average durability, and will go down after three weak attacks.


  • Peasanto's behavior was closer to the Pencer's earlier in development, charging forward and trying to kill the player when merely in the enemy's line of sight.


Regular animations[]

Scrapped animations[]

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