Pizza Tower Wiki

An Outlet is one of the different kinds of blocks in Pizza Tower.


Outlets are flashing sliver blocks with an outlet on them.


Outlets act like spikes in other games, damaging the player when touched. Outlets are not treated as solid objects, but only the Ghost or Weenie Mount Transformations can pass through them without taking any damage.


  • In older builds, namely Earlytestbuild and Demo 1, cheese spikes were used instead of outlets. The cheese spike sprite was later reused as the projectile spit by the Spit Cheese.
    Spike Block.png
  • At one point, the Barrel transformation was able to destroy outlets, however, this was later changed to Barrel Blocks that are specifically made for the transformation.

A Pizza Cutter is one of the different kinds of level assets in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Cutters, as the title says, are regular pizza cutters.


Pizza Cutters work the same as Outlets, except it spins around the block it's attached to.