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Oregano Desert is the sixth level in Pizza Tower, and the first level of the Weird West.

It's a scorching desert with massive pizzas in the sky and an underground cave system. A UFO is found parked at its end.






Pizza Tower of the West[]

The main room, includes some Tribe Cheeses. A secret just at the left of the gate that is pretty easy to miss, but the player needs to do either super jump or climb the wall to get there, another secret where there are some toppings in a suspicious 1-tile shorter hole, and some more bonus points but again the player needs to do a Super Jump.

Rooting and Tooting[]

The 2nd room. Includes some Goblins, a Pencer and some more Tribe Cheese.

Good Ol' Pizzamart[]

The 3rd room, there is a Pizzamart, a Tribe Cheese, a Flying Anchovy and a Cheeseslime.

Do You Have Pizza?[]

The 1st room in the Pizzamart. There are sadly no shotguns to buy, a Big Pizza Block in a hole on the ceiling, another 2 Tribe Cheeses, and some more blocks to destroy.

Storage Room[]

A sort of storage room, accessed by a box of pizzas in "Do You Have Pizza?". Has the Key, a Squire, and some toppings.

Eating Spicy Today[]

Takes place in a closed area, has a Kentucky Kenny spawner, some more Tribe Cheeses, 2 Free Milk stands and some TNT blocks, though the player should look for a secret in the bottom of the room, because there is a fake wall that the player can destroy.

Mouth on Fire[]

Squishing Through[]

A Miner Problem[]

Cave Tale[]

Classic Boulder Scene[]

Weak Stomach[]

Weirder West[]

Western Loving Aliens[]

Kentucky Kenny Course[]

Really Really Hot[]

John the Alien[]

Secret Rooms + Treasure[]

Left or Right[]

The 1st or 2nd secret to find linked in the 1st room of the level.


Dumb as a Rock[]

Rocky Protection[]

Congratulations On Finding This[]

Definitely a Secret[]

Placing That Holder[]

It's a treasure room.


  • The room "Classic Boulder Scene" is a nod to the famous scene from Indiana Jones, also featuring a boulder.
  • The room "Cave Tale" might be a nod to the title of Cave Story.
  • In previous builds, there was a Camembert Squire in "Storage Room".
  • Before the rooms were redesigned, all of the rooms looked similiar/were the exact same as the Christmas Race Build.


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