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Noise Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Noise Goblin is a goblin that has a face that looks like The Noise. He wears a brown Tyrolean hat with a red feather and brown gloves and shoes, as well as a beige sleeveless shirt and a backpack where he keeps his arrows. He is often seen holding a bow.


Noise Goblin walks around and fires pizza-shaped arrows from his bow. He can aim in any direction, allowing him to attack from many different places. The arrows are also able to travel through walls. The taunt parry is quite useful in the event that a Noise Goblin catches the player in a bad spot where they are unable to dodge the arrow.

At high Heat Meter levels, Noise Goblin's arrows gain the ability to home in on the player after they are fired. Noise Goblin is defeated after two weak attacks.


Regular animations[]

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