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Noise's Hardoween is the 2019 Halloween demo of Pizza Tower.

It features Snick dressed up as a ghost and The Noise as the only playable character. This demo also includes alternative colors for The Noise, including a "Grunch" color. Enemies in this level also have alternative palettes.

In this demo, The Noise has a similar playstyle to Peppino, where The Noise rides a skateboard to gain speed, has a slightly higher jump, and reaches max speed faster than Peppino, making him harder to handle


Discord members with included decorations[]

The following users have their sprites featured in the game.

  • ReallySpookyMan
  • AvastAntiPony9445
  • SolidVoid
  • Evil Sonic
  • BonnieMuffins
  • PinPanPaint
  • Fallatious
  • Chonixtu
  • Pr3tz31
  • KDD
  • VorcoRotGut
  • Jacko Price
  • Tocinin
  • Cactus Companion
  • Shroomster