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Ninja Slice is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Ninja Slice is a cheese pizza slice with light brown arms and legs. It wears a ninja mask, gloves and shoes, all in red. It has a fierce look and is often seen in a fighting stance when not disguised.


Ninja Slice disguises itself as a Pizza Boy cutout, being provoked when the player gets close. It will initially jump at the player with a high-reaching uppercut attack. From there, Ninja Slice will take to the ground in fighting stance, stepping forward or backward to keep a set distance between it and the player, and releasing a flurry of kicks from time to time. Ninja Slice's can drop off of platforms while it attempts to keep its distance, which may cause it to inadvertently fall into hazards such as water.

Under high Heat Meter levels, Ninja Slice will release a flurry of punches instead of kicks, which fires a series of projectiles. Ninja Slice has an average durability, taking two weak attacks to be dispatched.


  • Ninja Slice may be a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.
    • This is made even more likely due to the fact that the first two levels they appear in are the City level and the Sewer level.
  • Originally, after jumping out at the player, Ninja Slice would start to chase after the player while holding out its two pizza cutters. It would also tend to jump again when near the player during chasing.


Regular animations[]

Scrapped animations[]

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