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"I don't care about this fortune nonsense. Just tell me if we can patent this bot thingamajig."
— Mr. Stick.

Mr. Stick is an NPC in the Hub area of Pizza Tower.

It has been confirmed that his role in the game would be to hold boss battles, to enter which the player needs to get certain amount of Toppins from the levels.


Mr. Stick is a slim and bald man with a large nose who wears an orange suit and pants, along with a white undershirt and a black tie. He sports a pair of long, black shoes, a pair of white gloves, and a fedora with a black strip on it. He is also usually seen wearing a pair of glasses. While it seems like he just wants Peppino to pay off his debt at first, he's actually a con man who tries to scam him for his points. His true alignment is currently unknown, as he has been seen both helping and hurting Peppino.

Boss Fight[]

Boss Behavior[]

In Mr. Stick's scrapped boss fight, Mr. Stick is an evasive opponent. Mr. Stick will never attack the player directly, as he instead opts to get away or lead the player into a trap. Due to this, there is no way to parry Mr. Stick, but he has no parry either. Instead, he summons other bosses to distract the player, in the hopes that they'll be too busy fighting them off to attack him. In fact, if the player goes roughly 10 seconds without approaching Mr. Stick, he will pull out a beach chair and relax.


  • He was first said to be his accountant, then later on his landlord. His general relation to Peppino is not final, but it does seem to be purely business.
  • Mr.Stick's original name was Mr. Stiff, but was changed for sounding too much like an innuendo.
  • PTG has gone on record to say that Mr.Stick was a character before Pizza Tower, and is probably his second most drawn character. Peppino was the fifth.


Regular animations[]

Scrapped animations[]