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"Baaaaawk? Bah-gawk? Bawk bawk bawk..."
— Mort the Chicken.

Mort the Chicken is the titular protagonist from the PlayStation game Mort the Chicken. He appears in Pizza Tower as a special guest character.

He first appears in Fun Farm and can be used as a transformation that can defeat Electric Potatoes and smack Mort Hooks, giving an extra jump boost.


Mort is a chicken with white feathers, a long neck and a brown head with large, round eyes. His most defining feature is his comb, which is uniquely shaped and has a hand-like leaf-shaped part at the top. Mort can ball this comb into a fist to punch enemies, giving him a way to attack foes. Mort, like any other chicken, is mindless and doesn't really care too much about what goes on around him, often looking very bored and uninterested. However, despite this, he is surprisingly brave and is able to fend for himself even though most others of his kind wouldn't.


  • Pizza Tower Guy personally asked Mort's creator for permission to use Mort in Pizza Tower and they allowed him, which is how Mort is in the game without any copyright issues, also Pizza Tower Guy announced in the Discord Server that is officially confirmed to appear in the game on February 28th, 2019.
  • The fact that Mort spawns from a well may be a reference to the wells at the beginning of all of the levels in Mort the Chicken.
  • Originally, Mort was also going to be the boss of World 2, controlling a U.F.O. This was scrapped, however, when PTG changed his mind on the boss lineup.
  • Mort, despite being collected during The Crumbling Tower Of Pizza, does not show up in the ending. The same goes for Snotty, even if he is left alive.



Mort transformation[]

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Mort Platformer[]

This would be a Sequel to the original Mort The Chicken game on the PS1, Created by a member from the PTD Discord Server, on which it would be an open world inspired by Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. The only piece of information i could find related to the story would be that Mort wakes up from life, that's all.