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Mini John is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Mini John is a small purple cubical creature with a big-nosed perpetually angry face showing his white-toothed grimacing mouth and black yellow-pupiled eyes reminiscent of Pillar John. He has two small blocky legs and two arms sprouting out his body.

Mini John's exact relation with Pillar John is unknown. What's certain is that he's part of a species of purple pillar-like creatures as seen in Entrance, though whether or not he is some sort of minion or servant to Pillar John is not known.


Mini John mostly appears during Pizza Time, with exception of The Wasteyard level, where he can sometimes get out of ground. He will continuously chase the player on the ground nonstop, damaging them on contact. Due to his over-offensive nature, he cannot become scared, and can mostly only be stunned by a jump on his head.

Mini John also sometimes tries to punch the player.


Regular animations[]

Scrapped animations[]