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Meatball Boulder is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Meatball Boulder is a brown meatball with a face on it.


Meatball Boulder hangs from a fork on the ceiling while sleeping until the player ground pounds. If so, it is dropped from its fork, causing the boulder to wake up and roll around, hurting the player if they touch it. While rolling around, the Meatball Boulder can be grabbed and thrown around, but it cannot be defeated. Due to this though, it can roll through Outlets, which allow it to reach areas that the player can't. Combined with the fact that it can also break Destructible Rock Blocks, make it so that the player can use them to open new paths by throwing them past an Outlet so that they could break a Destructible Rock Block out of the player's reach.


  • Meatball Boulder replaced Boulders.
  • Meatball Boulders originally dropped down whenever the player approached them instead of when the player ground pounded, and once they started to roll around, they could not be grabbed, would squish the player when touched and would get defeated instantly once they touched a wall.
  • Interestingly enough, when the hotfix for the April 2021 build came out, the Meatball Boulders were removed from Oregano Desert and The Wasteyard. This was mainly because with its original behavior, Pizza Tower Guy couldn't think of any unique ways to use it.


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