Mansion is the twenty-second level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Horror Passage.

It's an eerie and old mansion owned by Pepperman within the city, focusing on Grind Rails and Skateboards.

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An older version of Mansion as seen in the GOLF demo.

  • In the start of this level's development, it used to be called a "castle level", with no differences whatsoever (It's unknown when/why it was changed to Mansion). Eventually, Pizzascape would be created with a Medieval/Castle motif.
  • Mansion appeared in multiple earlier builds with quite a few differences.
    • The level has the player travel through the mansion to reach a Tower Secret Treasure, which will start the escape timer.
    • Due to the level being designed around Peppino's old mechanics, some areas are inaccessible or hard to reach in the current demos.
    • The beginning originally took place in a raining forest before segueing into the mansion itself.
    • Pepperman was originally fought in its middle.
  • Mansion was originally meant to be after Kung Fu in Island Adventure, though it was eventually moved to the City Passage after Golf was created. however, it was then moved to Horror Passage.

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