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This is a list of the secondary characters that have been part of the Pizza Tower universe with a minor role in the story.

Snick's Gang

Snick's Gang is a group composed of Snick and his buddies which is a parody of Sonic's gang in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. During Snick's development, McPig made some sprites showing what the rest of Sonic the Hedgehog's cast would look like in Snick's style. He then made an image showing Snick having a birthday party with the characters he made, but said the image wasn't canonical to the Pizza Tower lore. It is composed of the following members: Snick, Tail, Boots, Shadow Snick, Dr. Bad Breakfast, Aluminium Snick, Snick.exe and finally, an unnamed pink porcupine with a bow.

Dougie Jones

Dougie Jones is a Pizzard who makes his first and only appearance as Noise's assistant in the ??? Comics. He doesn't seem to have any design differences from any other Pizzards, but has been distinguished as his own character despite this. In the ??? Comics, he is depicted as The Noise's subservient, yet apathetic minion, working alongside Kentucky Kenny.


Pizzamancer is a character that has only appeared in concept art of the game and mentioned by McPig as part of the lore. He looks like Pizzaface, except his nose is a tomato instead of a mushroom. He has a regular mouth, and differing from Pizzaface, Pizzamancer has limbs; white hands and feet. He also wears a Pizzard's hat and a big cape.

There isn't much information known about Pizzamancer, except that he cursed Peppino's ancestor and his whole family for disrespecting pizza. The curse was that they wouldn't be able to make pizza in peace anymore. But even with that, the ancestor still defeated him. It is also mentioned that he was the original creator of the Pizza Tower, as well as the possible original owner of the Cheese Dragon.

He died after several years when the war ended, which led to Pizzaface taking over the Tower afterwards, becoming its new owner. It is speculated that Pizzaface came to life thanks to Pizzamancer's powers.

Pizzamancer at one point was planned to be reused for hard mode of the game, where he would have dropped up to 4 random enemies. He wasn't animated, but the mode can be still activated in the game with commands. However, no sprites were ever made, and uses Snick.exe's sprites as a placeholder.


Mr. Sock is a character seen in various concept art for spin-offs and sequels to Pizza Tower. Mr Sock looks like an upside down sock with googly eyes and two human legs sticking out from the sock’s hole. He is also usually depicted with a hat, either a chef’s hat or a top hat.

Santa Clause

Santa Clause is a character that appears in the Peppino's Xmas Break demo as a one-off character.

He first appears at the beginning of the demo, where he carries Peppino off the title screen in his sleigh and takes him to Strongcold. He later appears in the second to last room, where he's revealed to actually be The Noise, who then pulls out a Noise bomb and starts up a mini-boss. Santa's sleigh is later used by some of Peppino's pals for them to escape the tower before it explodes.

Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange is the Noise's twin brother, or his rival, it was never really decided upon, as he was just a concept. His appearance is almost identical to the Noise, except his costume is orange. His cape is the same yellow the Noise wears. Mr. Orange was planned to be an alternate boss when playing as The Noise in single player and co-op. He has an Australian accent, as he was separated at birth.

Bacon God

Bacon God is a giant, realistic looking pig that appears in the background of The Pig City's secret Bacon Room. He'll slowly approach Peppino from the darkness, and after 1 minute and 30 seconds he'll give the player a thumbs up and vanish. He reappears upon reentering the room. In the bacon room there are 4 Bacon Gods in order to produce the shake effect. This can only be seen when modding into the game with


Gabriel is a bald man with a black hat, black bag, and body being partially inside a pizza box.

Gabriel does not make any physical appearance in-game, only being referenced on some of the backgrounds. He was originally planned to have similar role to Snotty - being a character that appears only once and never again upon being defeated.

Gabriel was sprited on McPig's stream, but he was never added in-game.

Alien Guy

Alien Guy is a green alien wearing two brown hats on his eyes. He appears as more of a decoration that can be seen near the entrance to Deep-Dish 9's second secret.

Alien Guy was originally part of a scrapped mechanic where Peppino would have to deliver a pizza to him and after delivering the pizza the Alien Guy would give Peppino some Pizza Coins.

King Noyz

King Noyz was planned to be a third player character, but was scrapped on April 4th, 2020.

Pizza Tower Guy has mentioned that he would look like The Noise, except his primary color would be purple and he would have a Burger King-esque crown and a beard. He was planned to have abilities like The Noise in Noise's Hardoween demo.

Secret King

Secret King is a character that appears in the game's Sound Test room which is unlocked after completing every secret.

Secret King is a large pink humanoid man, his eyes notably look similar to the Secret Eyes, and he wears a slightly darker pink robe and crown.

Not much is known about him currently other than his presumed connection to the Secret Eyes.

The Ancestor

The Ancestor is Peppino's ancestor that's in the old Pizza Tower story, he would tell you about the pizza tower(s).


Bruno is an unknown and unseen character, the only thing that we know about him is that he had a pizzeria like Peppino, but Fake Peppino took it and turned it into Peppino's Pizza 2.

Senior Parmesan

There is little known information about him since he's really obscure and few people have really documented his existence on PTD. He was an on going joke with the staff of the game from 2020 to 2021. He is known to be part of Noisette's family and is a french chef. His appearence, like Mr. Orange, seems to be identical to The Noise but he lacks a cape and his moustache is instead positioned on his nose instead of his cheeks. He was never planned to be in the final game and never left conceptual stages.

Noisette Bunny

Noisette Bunny is a small bunny that looks like Noisette. She replaces Mr. Mooney in Noise's campaign. Just like Mr. Mooney, if you give it the rest of the money in the game it'll give you the "Feminine Side" clothes for Noise, a pink outfit with a red cape resembling Noisette's colors, and by extension, Noisette Bunny's.


The Official Counterpart of Noisette. We currently have no info on this character besides being The Doise’s Girlfriend.

El Diego

A Venezuelan Doise look-alike with darker blue clothes who was posing as The Doise for part of the Ancient Aliens stream (right before The Noise update) until his true identity was revealed. One of his lines may imply that he is a drug boss. During the stream, his hat was constantly Z-fighting with his sprite.


Peppinoise is a character that was used on the PTG Twitter Post, saying Pizza Tower was 25% off on Steam.

Gustavo's Swap Mode Actor

Little to no information is known about this character, as unlike Maurice, this character hasn't been fleshed out. They are only seen once and that is at the end of Swap Mode.


  • Mr. Orange was originally planned to be a co-op character for Peppino, having Noise's old moveset and some of Peppino's moves. That, however, was left as an idea and likely won't be used.
  • The Image of Mr.Orange in the Halloween Update was found to not show up as a secret in the game at all. But only in the files. McPig has never mentioned the image of Mr.Orange and it is very odd on why it got removed since the Noise Update.
  • Mr. Orange's name is based on Mr. Green from Yo! Noid, similar to how the Noise is based on the Noid.
    • Mr. Orange was originally named Kenneth, referencing the mentally ill Kenneth Lamar Noid who held a Chamblee, Georgia's Domino's hostage after thinking they named the Noid after him. McPig quickly renamed him after learning that there was more to it than just a hostage situation, realizing the name was very insensitive of him.
      • It was considered to just call him Ken, but that also got changed due to the reference still being too apparent despite the name being shortened.
        • Another early name for Mr. Orange was Scott, as a reference to one of the presidents of Domino's Pizza, most infamously known for his appearance in the Hatsune Miku Domino's App promotion; however, this name was quickly dropped in favor of Mr. Orange shortly after.
  • Dr. Bad Breakfast's arcade machine in Don't Make A Sound is a reference to the puzzle game "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine", which is a reskin of the Genesis port of Puyo Puyo, an arcade puzzle game.