This is a page listing every enemy that has been in Pizza Tower. Including the first level they are seen in, and their first debut in any of the builds.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Image Name Behaviour First seen First demo appearance
Pizza Boy Cut Out.png
Pizza Boy Can't do anything since it's a cutout. Doesn't count towards combos. Tutorial Demo 1
Cutie alert!.gif
Cheeseslime Oozes back and forth aimlessly and endlessly. Doesn't hurt upon contact. Tutorial Preearlytestbuild
We're in minecraft.gif
Forknight Marches around and hurts the player if touched from the front. Tutorial Preearlytestbuild
Basically, i'm a form of pizza from sweden that has bananas on it.gif
Swedish Monkey Walks to and fro, occasionally stopping to eat a banana and tossing the peel behind them. Entrance December 2019 Build
Cutie alert.gif
Pizzard Walks around, occasionally throwing lightning bolt projectiles at the player, activating the Knight transformation. Pizzascape SAGE 2019 Demo
Oh my, what big feet you have!.gif
Pepperoni Goblin Jogs about, kicking the player and activating the Ball transformation when near. Pizzascape Preearlytestbuild
Oh my god, Jc that's a bomb!.gif
Pizza Box Goblin Moves around, throwing bombs at the player when they are near. The Ancient Cheese Preearlytestbuild
Getting in character.gif
Pencer Stands in place, aggressively charging forward when a player is spotted. The Ancient Cheese SAGE 2019 Demo
Flying Anchovy Flies in place, darting forward when a player is spotted, crashing at whatever wall meets it. Bloodsauce Dungeon Preearlytestbuild
Indian chweesy.gif
Tribe Cheese Acts like a Forknight, but moves more quickly. If a totem pole is around, they may also dance around it which causes thunderclouds to appear nearby that strike thunder periodically. Oregano Desert May 2019 Patreon Demo
Kentucky Kenny Walks around and throws spicy chicken wings which activate the Firemouth transformation. Oregano Desert May 2019 Patreon Demo
Meatball Boulder Hangs from a fork on the ceiling and drops down if the player ground pounds, rolling around endlessly afterwards. Cannot be defeated, however it can be grabbed and tossed around. Oregano Desert April 2021 Build
Ranch Shooter Stands anxiously in place and shoots at the player when spotted, with the bullet activating the Ghost transformation. The Wasteyard graveyard test
Bandito Chicken Sleeps peacefully until waking up by an approaching player and fleeing, leaving bones behind that can hurt the player. The Wasteyard graveyard test
U.F.Olive Hovers around and fires down olive-shaped atoms which hurt the player when touched. Space Pinball Western Build V1
Pineacool Strides around while occasionally taunting, which acts as a parry, preventing the player from defeating him while doing so. Pineapple Beach Preearlytestbuild
Spit Cheese Sits in place and spits spiky cheeseballs in an arc. Pineapple Beach January 2019 Patreon demo
Cannon Pizza Goblin Acts similarly to a Pizza Box Goblin, but shoots bombs out of its cannon in a horizontal straight line that can't be grabbed. Pineapple Beach BeachandForestv1
Piraneapple Charges forward and bounces off walls. Can only be defeated by a parry, being hit by a thrown enemy, or using certain transformations. Pineapple Beach Preearlytestbuild
Treasure dude better.gif
Treasure Chest Guy Runs around frantically when the player gets too close, dropping three Pizza Slices when defeated. Pineapple Beach BeachandForestv2
NoiseGoblin better.gif
Noise Goblin Walks around and shoots arrows at the player in any direction. Gnome Forest BeachandForestv1
Spr tank walk.gif
Cardboard Tank Drives around and fires bombs at the player. May also spawn in Cheeseslimes. Gnome Forest BeachandForestv1
Spr pickle walk.gif
Pickle Teleports to the player's location when they enter it's line of sight, wiggling it's arms to hurt them. Gnome Forest BeachandForestv1
Shrimp Thug Chases the player and tries to dash forward and punch them. Does a smaller dash if they're too far away. Kung Fu April 2021 Build
Mr car.gif
Mr. Car Stays parked in place. When hit at Mach 3 or higher, it flies away in a straight line and explodes once it hits a solid object. Kung Fu April 2021 Build
Soyboy pizza.gif
Greaseball Stands in place. When grabbed, the player is forced to stand in place and use a golf club to hit it. After getting launched, it will slide across the ground and bounce around, defeating enemies along the way and interacting with certain objects. It will only get defeated once it reaches a goal, which breaks any Nerd Blocks in the room. Golf January 2019 Patreon Demo
Noisey Acts like a Forknight. However, after getting attacked once, its legs turn into a spring and it begins to bounce around. It is often found in Pizza Boxes. Space Peppino's Xmas Break
Trash Pan Angrily sits in place, spitting cheeseballs in one direction that cause the Cheeseball transformation on touch. City Preearlytestbuild
Ninja Slice Disguises as a harmless Pizza Boy before attacking the player with an uppercut when near, shuffling around afterwards and attacking with rapid kicks. City January 2019 Patreon Demo
Police car.gif
Police Car Follows the player across the ground if they hurt any civilians within the area. Getting caught by them takes the player to a jail room. City April 2021 Build
Slug walk.gif
Pizza Slug Randomly slides along the ground, occasionally coughing harmful cigarette smoke at the player. City April 2021 Build
Spr clownmato fall.gif
Clownmato Bounces back and forth, launching the player upwards when touched. Cannot be stunned or defeated. City April 2021 Build
Pizza Soldier Hides away in a bush before revealing himself when the player nears, after which he walks around and fires a machine gun at the player. Warzone April 2021 Build
Peppino Robot Rolls around and charges at the player in a similar fashion to Peppino's currently unused shoulder bash move or dashes towards them in a similar fashion to Peppino's dash move, revving up briefly before doing so. Also occasionally attacks by extending one of its arms out, similar to Peppino's unused slap move. Factory Demo 2
Box Stamper Flaps in place and squishes the player when they're below, activating the Boxed transformation. Factory Demo 2
Grabbie Hand Hovers in place and attempts to grab the player when they're below, taking them to a certain location. Factory Demo 2
When you walkin.gif
Peasanto Walks around, minding his own business before becoming enraged once touched, causing him to run around with a torch in hand that allows him to burn Haybales. Getting hit by the torch activates the Firebutt Transformation. Mansion March 2019 Patreon Demo
Grandpa Rocks in place and punches the player when near. He can only be defeated by a thrown enemy or a player during the Knight transformation. Mansion April 2021 Build
Spr ghostshroom.gif
Mushroom Ghost Slowly follows the player, unaffected by its surroundings. Will teleport the player out of the room when touched. N/A April 2021 Build
Pizzice Slides around quickly, hurting the player if they touch its pointy nose. Freezer March 2019 Patreon Demo
Spr kidspartymonsters.gif
Toppin Monsters Chase the player throughout different rooms, each with their own behaviors. Kids' Party April 2021 Build
Pillar John Sits in place and awaits to be defeated by a player running at high speeds or a thrown enemy. Killing him starts Pizza Time and also spawns Mini Johns. Entrance Demo 1
Mini John Runs and chases the player. Only appears during Pizza Time. Entrance February 2020 Patreon Demo
Camembert Squire (Idle).gif
Camembert Squire Charges towards the player until stunning itself on a wall, leaving it vulnerable. When defeated, it leaves behind the Weenie Mount it rode on, which can be ridden for the Weenie mount transformation. Dragon Lair February 2020 Patreon Demo
Noise Bomb Idle Better.gif
Noise Bomb Chases the player and instantly kills them when the timer runs out. Strongcold (during The Noise fight) May 2019 Patreon Demo

Boss Characters[edit | edit source]

See List of bosses for information about bosses.

Currently Unused Enemies[edit | edit source]

Image Name Behaviour Appearances First demo appearance
Chili Pepper Moves around, leaving melting fireballs wherever it goes. Was scrapped due not being interesting for puzzles. Freezer None
Weenie Tramps back and forth, being launched into a rolling ball once hit, stunning the player when touching him from the side. Though it did appear in some earlier builds, it does not appear in any of currently designed levels. TBA (originally Factory) Preearlytestbuild
Lung cancer weenie.gif
Smoked Weenie Same as the Weenie, but with the addition of hurting the player if they touch his cigar. TBA (originally Factory) Earlytestbuild
Big cheesegus.gif
Big Cheese Acts like a regular Cheeseslime, but takes more hits to kill. Though it did appear in some earlier builds, it does not appear in any of currently designed levels. TBA (originally Oregano Desert) January 2019 Patreon Demo
Cheese Peppino Robot Rolls around and spits out cheese at the player, activating the Sticky Cheese transformation. This enemy was scrapped mainly due to its redundancy and due to the new moveset the normal Peppino Robot was given. Factory Demo 2
Blue Shrimp Thug Same as the Shrimp Thug but he throws knives at the player instead of punching them. This variant of the enemy was scrapped because it's attack was used as a Max Heat attack for the normal Shrimp Thug. Kung Fu N/A
Green Shrimp Thug Same as the Blue Shrimp Thug but he throws junk at the player, which flattens them. This variant of the enemy was scrapped because it was found too annoying to deal with. Kung Fu N/A
Fake peppino idle.gif
Fake Peppino In the Summary Build, he spawns during Pizza Time and chases the player, even being able to go through doors. As an attack, he attempts to grab the player and strike them with his toxic tongue. Planned to be added as a secret enemy, but does not appear in current builds. TBA GOLF
Pepperman Bomb Runs around and explodes when touched by the player. Original Pepperman battle Demo 1 Hardmode Build
Bear Trap Sits in one spot and clamps down upon contact with the player. The player would have to mash the jump button to escape. Unused hard mode of the Halloween build Demo 1 Hardmode Build
Pizza Lady Sits in one spot and kisses the player when they get close, activating the Confused/Flustered transformation. N/A N/A
Laser Gun Cheeseslime Fires a coloured laser that teleports the player to a warp point of the same colour. Originally planned for Space Pinball back when it was more U.F.O-themed, but later on ended up being scrapped before being sprited N/A

Prototype never finished

obj_monster Moves around and charges at the player when in its sight. Can be avoided by hiding in a barrel. Unused Preearlytestbuild

Prototype never finished

obj_smollmonster A smaller version of obj_monster. Unused Preearlytestbuild
obj_scaryeyes Chases the player when they move away and can't be defeated. Unused Preearlytestbuild
Noise Satellite better.gif
Noise Satellite It doesn't do anything to attack the player, but defeating it will cause The Noise to walk on screen and activate Pizza Time. Ancient Demo 2
Snick.exe Slowly floats towards the player, damaging them upon contact. If the player attempts to grab, shoot, or dash into him he will disappear for a short while. Snick Challenge SAGE 2019 Demo
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