Pizza Tower Wiki

This page contains a list of all the builds of Pizza Tower.

Regular builds[]

Build Name Build Date Notes Changes from last demo
Preearlytestbuild Unknown Possibly the first ever build, also probably used for mockup footage and early mechanic testing. The files for this build do not exist anymore, therefore it can never be released.
Earlytestbuild (Demo 0) 2018-07-16 First build ever released to the public. Has a hidden image of Peter Griffin in it's file.
Halloween Demo (Demo 1) 2018-10-31 This is a public demo of the game Placeholder sound effects replaced, boss battle added, and changes to controls, graphics, and gameplay mechanics.
Halloween Demo Hard Mode 2018-10-31 5:22 PM A Patreon-only build.
Demo 2 2018-12-05 This is a public demo of the game. First build to introduce the Factory level, and also the only build to introduce "time attack" challenges.

Slight changes to controls, optimization, and music.

January Patreon Build 2019-01-12 A Patreon-only build. Introduces Desert stage, Sewer stage, and a redesigned Factory stage.
March Patreon Build 2019-03-07 A Patreon-only build. Introduced "The Freezer" stage in which you can play only as The Noise.
Summary Build 2019-04-03 A Patreon-only build. Added the GOLF demo's level to the level select and contains all gameplay changes from that demo, such as Mach 4 and Lapping, introduced the ability to play as Peppino or The Noise in any level.
Hub Room Test Build 2019-05-25 A Patreon-only build. First build since Demo 2 to contain a hub room. Only level playable without modding is the Desert level. Contains no sound effects other than the music tracks Oregano Mirage and Oregano UFO.
SAGE 2019 Demo 2019-09-29 This is a public demo of the game. Officially added the Pizzascape, Ancient Cheese, and Bloodsauce Dungeon levels to the game, being the only levels playable.

Controls changed significantly, added Snick as a playable character exclusive to this demo in place of The Noise.

Noise’s Hardoween 2019-10-30 This is a public demo of the game. Introduced Pizzascare as the only accessible level, with The Noise as the only playable character.
December Patreon Build 2019-12-13 A Patreon-only build. Adds Entrance as a new level.
Peppino's Xmas Break 2019-12-30 This is a public demo of the game. Re-added the Tackle move for Peppino and The Noise.
noise V1 2020-01-08 A Patreon-only build. Changed The Noise's moveset.
noise V2 2020-01-09 A Patreon-only build. Minor bugfixes from previous demo.
noise V2.1 2020-01-10 A Patreon-only build. Ditto.
boss V1 2020-02-02 A Patreon-only build. Added the Dragon Lair level. More sound effects and visual effects were added to The Noise's moveset, as well as some new moves and modifications to already existing moves.
boss V2.1 2020-02-02 8:15 PM A Patreon-only build. Bugfixes from previous demo.

Pizzaface laughing and TV voicelines added.

Level Editor Build 2020-02-07 A Patreon-only build. First build featuring the Level Editor.
desert_playtest 2020-02-24 A Patreon-only build. First test of the updated Desert level.
graveyard_playtest Unknown A Patreon-only build. Quickly removed due to bugs. First test of The Wasteyard, then simply known as the graveyard level.

Adds brand new enemy spinning mechanic.

Level Editor Build 2.0 Unknown A Patreon-only build. Updated version of the level editor with new enemies, new objects, and props.
Western Build v1 2020-04-25

A Patreon-only build.

Added the Fun Farm and Space Pinball levels, along with a more finished Wasteyard.

New nerfed super jump for Peppino which goes a fixed height instead of being infinite. The Noise's grab has been replaced with a bomb throw move. Added The Vigilante as a playable character. Removed enemy spinning mechanic.

Western Build v2 2020-04-27 A Patreon-only build. Bugfixes.

Old super jump has been re-added with some slight adjustments in regards to when Peppino can super jump to balance it out. The Noise's grab was also restored.

Western Build v3 2020-04-30 A Patreon-only build. 3 extra rooms added to Fun Farm. Minor changes and fixes.

Temporary removal of The Noise and The Vigilante.

Level Editor Build 3.0 2020-05-13 A Patreon-only build. First build to use the YoYo Compiler.

Updated Level Editor featuring new objects, enemies, and graphics. Features online support. The hub room can no longer be accessed.
BeachandForestv1 2020-07-09 A Patreon-only build Added the Pineapple Beach and Gnome Forest levels, Gustavo, as well as a new parry move for Peppino.

Total score is now shown in the hub room. Pineacools now have a different behavior. Many enemies that previously didn't have a scared animation now have one.

BeachandForestv2 2020-07-11 A Patreon-only build. Added a new breakdance move for Peppino.

The Treasure Chest Guy enemy has been added to the Pineapple Beach and Gnome Forest levels.

Level Editor Build 4.3 2020-08-30 A Patreon-only build. This build is the second one to use the YoYo Compiler. Added a featured levels tab along with new features from the BeachandForest builds.
April2021Build 2021-04-03 A Patreon-only build. Adds all remaining levels to the game in a playtesting state and all assets relating to them, including enemies and gimmicks, with no tiles appearing for most levels and placeholder sprites being used for certain assets. Also adds the Heat Meter, as well as many changes to previously existing enemies, moveset changes for Peppino, and The Noise returning as a selectable playable character, now using a modified version of his skateboard moveset. The main menu has also been redone entirely.

The main HUD for the game has been completely revamped. The Toppins were given redesigns. A level selection menu has replaced the hub room temporarily. Many more minor changes have also been made.

April2021Build Hotfix 2021-04-18 A Patreon-only build. The mechanic of the enemies being able to combo the player has been removed, some tiles were added to the Space and City levels, and some minor level design changes have been implemented.
PT_Eggplantv15 2022-06-13 A Patreon-only build. Updates every level in the game, as well as adding most of assets relating to them, including enemies, tiles, and gimmicks, but locking out Exit, Strongcold and Dragon Lair from being playable. Heat Meter no longers buffs enemies, as well as some enemies no longer being able to use transformations on the player, instead they damage the player. Gerome now can open the door to Secret Treasure before starting Pizza Time, and he's no longer located at beginning of level. The ranks and Secret Treasures are temporarily replaced with eggplants. Timers are very big for each level temporarily, exception being War level. Lap portals were brought back, but they don't do anything temporarily, as timers, mentioned previously, were not set up. Peppino's moveset was updated, bringing back breakdance as joke move, and super taunt now being performed with up + taunt button. Noise, Vigilante, and co-op mode are not accessible in this build.
PT_Eggplantv15_1 2022-06-13 A Patreon-only build. Fixes key config menu, which in previous build did not work.
PT_Eggplantv15_2 2022-06-13 A Patreon-only build. Fixes bunch of bugs, reported by the players. Other minor changes include wallclimb accelerating faster and jetpack in Freezer level being easier to maneuver with.
PT_Eggplantv15_3 2022-06-13 A Patreon-only build. Fixes issue in The Ancient Cheese with bombs, adjusts jetpack in Freezer level slightly, and fixes some of softlocks, such as one with Gerome being stuck in Hamkuff in City level.

Joke builds[]

These demos were made only for fun. All of them have been released publicly.

Build Name Build Date Notes
Peter Griffin Experience Between earlytestbuild and Halloween Demo This build is the same as earlytestbuild, except Peppino is changed to a singular sprite of Peter Griffin wearing Peppino's clothes and the Theatrical Shenanigans is changed to a remix of the Family Guy theme song.
Christmas Race Build Between Halloween Demo and Demo 2 This build was created for the Christmas Race event in the official Discord server. Only contains one level, being a modified early version of what would become Oregano Desert, The first player to complete it was awarded free access to patreon builds.
GOLF 2019-04-01 An April Fools joke demo containing only 1 level, GOLF. Also the first build where The Noise is publicly playable.