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Kids' Party is the twenty-fourth level in Pizza Tower, and the fourth level of the Horror Passage.

It's a child-oriented pizza restaurant with dark monsters lurking throughout.





Level Guide[]

Kids Party Map v3.png

A more detailed version of the minimap is provided here. The center room is the Stage room, found on the third floor. It links to both the fourth floor and the second floor, and to two other rooms on the third floor in Pizza Time. This is the only room in the entire level where the second background is used.

All of the rooms on the top floor use the third background, showing a backroom. The first floor is where Toppin Monsters start after being spawned or after they take a life off the player. A strange thing to note is that the rightmost room of the top floor (where the Tomato toppin can be found) is completely isolated from the other rooms on the top floor, with no connections to any of the top floor rooms.

The colors pink and purple demonstrate the how John Blocks are used in the level - pink is used to show passageways that are only open before Pizza Time, while purple is used to show passageways that are only open during Pizza Time. The color gray is used to show one-way passageways. In addition, some points of interest are also highlighted:

Point of Interest A: When the player enters this room through the top, they are forced to proceed down to the Cheese Toppin room below as there is a large wall blocking them off from the rest of the room. By leaving through a door at the top of the Cheese Toppin room, the player can then leave this room through the right after smashing a one-way breakable block.

Point of Interest B: The new path revealed during Pizza Time in this room has a Box of Pizzas. The player can only enter this Box of Pizzas during Pizza Time, but it is a one-way trip.

Point of Interest C: The Sausage and Tomato Toppins can only be collected before Pizza Time. In order to collect either one, the player must take a one-way trip from the top to the bottom of the map using a Pizza Box. The Sausage Toppin's room in particular can be entered during Pizza Time, but the player can only take a one-way Pizza Box to the next room below like the one in Point of Interest B.



  • Kids' Party currently has the most rooms out of any level with a total of about 44. Do note, however, that the rooms are mostly small.
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