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Halloween 2018 Demo, also known as Demo 1, was released roughly around Halloween 2018, containing a entirely new title screen, tutorial and hub world, Along with new changes, Such as: having different sound effects to replace the Wario Land placeholders and remove the transformation music, And being one of the only two public builds to have (Or introduce.) Peppino's slap move. This is the first demo to include a boss fight, being against Pepperman.




  • Knight
  • Bomb



  • This was the first demo to have some criteria to reach the S rank. (Such as not getting hurt too many times, beating the level under a certain amount of time, ETC.)
  • This was the first demo to officially include Frostix's remixes for Pizza Tower.
  • This was the first demo to include a boss fight.
  • In the folder for this game there is a splash image titled "splash.png" which shows a dithered arcade with a purple-pinkish hue. This might've been a placeholder splash screen.
    • The same image was found in the files of Weenie Cop, one of Pizza Tower Guy's cancelled games.