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"Gustavo is Completely Lost... Nobody has seen him since he crawled into the Pizza Dungeon."
— Toppinbot.

Gustavo is an NPC in Pizza Tower.

He first appears in his pizzeria in Gnome Forest, where he makes pizzas for the player to deliver to various gnomes throughout the level. The player is rewarded with a Toppin for each successful pizza delivery. His house is located in Freezer, in the room containing Pillar John.


Gustavo is a gnome person with beady eyes, a big nose, brown hair, and a brown moustache. He originally wore a white shirt, however he now wears a brown shirt and a white apron. He also wears a chef's hat, brown pants and shoes. He is generally shown to be a nice person who likes to help others, but he has also been shown to get angry at times. In Pizza Tower Guy's words, "Gustavo is super friendly, but don't disappoint him, he'll get back at you."

For example, upon seeing that Peppino failed to deliver a pizza that he gave to him, he will lunge at him in rage and strangle him to get enough points from him to make a new pizza.

Playable Role[]

Gustavo is currently planned to be a playable character exclusive to Gnome Forest, where he mounts and rides a stupid rat named Brick. The plan for it is currently to be a timed segment, where Peppino gets trapped after he finished delivering all pizzas and Gustavo must save him. This is also planned to be added to the Level Editor.

In the comics[]

Gustavo was planned to appear in a unfinished comic featuring him and Peppino in the desert, where the two would've been antagonized by Mr.Incognito.


  • Gustavo was originally the star of a Pizza Tower spinoff, called Pizza Crawler. It was to be developed by the skilled members of the community, with Pizza Tower Guy providing the animations. Due to general problems popping up (namely the fact their only programmer stepped down) it was cancelled.
  • He's been described as the "Mario to Peppino's Wario" from a personality standpoint.
  • There's an unused animation of Gustavo talking in his old design, but he doesn't talk to the player when interacting with them in Gnome Forest. Animations for Peppino and Mr. Stick also exist, too.
  • Gustavo will also make an appearance in the Pizza Tower Comics according to PTG.
  • PTG has jokingly stated that Gustavo's catchphrase is "I'm going to kill you!". This might have come full circle, with Gustavo beating up the player when they fail to deliver a pizza and ruin it.
  • When Peppino fails to deliver a pizza, Gustavo will get angry and his animation will resemble the transformation of a Super Saiyan, from the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • His Toppinbot description makes a joke about Pizza Crawler being cancelled, claiming he hasn't been seen since he crawled into the dungeon.


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