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Greaseball, also known as Nerd, is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Greaseball looks like a cheeseball that wears glasses and has pepperonis on its head.

He is the seemingly money-depraved owner of the restaurant featured in Golf. Due to his financial status, he cannot afford proper golf balls, instead opting to use himself.


The Greaseball stands in place. When grabbed by the player, he is special in that if the player tries to grab him, they are instead forced to use a golf club to hit him across the level, with a bar and a target symbol appearing next to the player. The player can aim him using the target symbol, and charge the bar for a more powerful shot. After being launched, he will bounce around. While he is bouncing around, the camera shifts to him and he can be affected by level assets that affect the player. The player has to knock him into his goal to destroy Nerd Blocks that block several paths. When knocked into his goal, he will disappear and multiple pizza slices will appear next to the player (which give 25 points each).

In the GOLF demo, he acts similar to a Cheeseslime, meaning he does nothing except walk around. However, unlike Cheeseslimes, it can't be defeated unless touching the goal or coming into contact with an outlet. If he comes into contact with an outlet, he will respawn at his stand. The player has to get him to a goal in order to destroy his block to proceed. After GOLF, he appears in some demos acting the same, except he rewards the player with complete pizzas instead of destroying his block.


  • Greaseball appears in Strongcold as a decoration. He's green instead of yellow, and is hanging from a rope. Since he is a decoration, he cannot be hit.


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Scrapped animations[]

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