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Grabbie Hand is an enemy in Pizza Tower


Grabbie Hand is a gloved hand with a propeller on it.


Grabbie Hand stands in place, but when a player walks under it, it will try to grab them. If it successfully grabs a player, it will take them back to a certain point in the room. Being grabbed by it will also get rid of the Boxed transformation. It is impossible to defeat this enemy.


  • Originally, If the player tried to attack it, it would give them a high five and a thumbs up and let them go under it without grabbing them, however this was removed due to the removal of the slap move.
    • During its high five and thumbs up animations, Grabbie Hand loses its propeller. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • Grabbie Hand is one of the few enemies to not be related to pizza.


Regular animations[]

Unused animations[]

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